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    Molly Bullying Corys

    I have a Molly that has been in my tank for a couple weeks now and all of a sudden today it's been going around attacking my Cory cats, I thought they were supposed to be peaceful.. is it a male or female and would that even make a difference in the aggression?
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    Stocking Ideas

    Hey everyone, I'm looking into adding some more fish to my tank but not sure where to go, so far I have: 5 zebra danios 5 neon tetras 4 albino Cory cats (will get 2 more) 1 Dalmatian Molly Now I will add the 2 corys for sure but as per the rest I'm not sure what to get, I want a nice...
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    Danger! Danger! Help!

    I just got home from work to find that my HOB has been running for I don't even know how long, with no water being pumped through it, I fixed it for now but now I'm extremely worried, I'm going away for the weekend and nobody will be coming to check on my fish, have timers set up and vacation...
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    Low Tech Plants

    Hi all, I'm sure this topic has been brought up many times but I am looking to start planting my tank in a few weeks, I've learned the hard way about the nitrogen cycle, LFS told me that a week was enough time for the tank to cycle and that adding fish would be fine, so grabbed a whole bunch of...

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