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    Aggressive Oranda Goldfish Help

    Does the one chasing have breeding stars at all? It's breeding season so could be that, just seems odd that it's damaged the others wen? Maybe try separating the chaser for a while and when you put him back change the decor Inc plants around, that might be enough to discourage the naughty fish...
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    Surprise Harlequin Rasbora Fry, So Adorable

    Congrats on the fry.
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    Help Is This An Infection?

    Nothing to add health wise, just wanted to say what a beautiful betta you have.
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    White Thing Sticking Out Of Betta

    Glad you're feeling better about her. Usually the big pet stores have little or no knowledge of their stock and requirements. She looks very happy though.
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    White Thing Sticking Out Of Betta

    Don't know a lot about bettas, but believe this is a female with a egg spot and totally normal , so probably not a parasite, unsure about the waste though.
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    Goldfish Can’t Chew?

    My fancy also did this wanted to eat but could not seem too, seemed hungry, he must have been eating something as he also never lost weight and lived for months on virtually nothing, my fish did eventually get dropsy maybe through lack of nutrition I don't know and he passed away. Still a...
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    Help With Goldfish.

    Sounds like red pest disease (bacterial disease) with the clamped fins and red side. Put her on her own with some aquarium salt five teaspoons salt per gallon. Keep us informed. Hope this helps.
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    Question White Spot On Black Oranda Head.

    Could not see your pic, sounds like wen growth, it will usually fall off in a few days on its own.
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    Question Female Or Male Platy??

    They are females.
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    White Balls In Gills

    I did not have access to those meds unfortunately, the crustacean did eventually come off though with treatment and fish is happily swimming around. Good luck and keep us updated.
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    White Balls In Gills

    I had the same thing with only one ball, it's gill crustaceans I believe , take a look at this for symptoms and cures Gill Disorders Hope that helps.
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    Question Bubble Eyes Goldfish Legal In The Uk?

    Hi go to the Web site add the fish to your shopping basket then input your personal info and that you want them shipped and pay. its £20 for delivery on top of the fish's . They will then email you when payment has gone through and give you a delivery date of your fish babies to your home...
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    Question Bubble Eyes Goldfish Legal In The Uk?

    Yes they do ship, hope you get your fish babies ☺ It's actually Sutton not Surrey ☺
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    Question Bubble Eyes Goldfish Legal In The Uk?

    Hi I believe star fisheries in Surrey have them, hope that helps, search on line for star fisheries.
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    Goldfish Tumor?

    Hi thank you for the assumptions, it has always come out of the tap with the reading between 20-30 pm . RO water or RO unit is not a possibility.
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    Goldfish Tumor?

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    Goldfish Tumor?

    200 litre ammonia 0ppm Nirite 0ppm Nirates 20 pm Ph 7.4 Using API freshwater kit for over a year.
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    Goldfish Tumor?

    It's 200l, the growth has always been white but a lot less noticeable in colour if that makes sense almost unnoticeable white , past few days it's been bright white. I don't believe it's grown larger just more bumperer and really white last couple of days? Thanks for replying.
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    Goldfish Tumor?

    Hi, hope you can help my fish has some kind of growth next to his eye, any one have any ideas? It is not fungal as its not fuzzy etc. Have treated the tank with waterlifes hole in the head as he has mucus poos and his personality has changed to mid tank float with head tilted down apart from...
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    Platy Pregnant If So How Far?


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