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    Would These Be Safe In My Betta Tank

    I started looking at kitchen and bathroom water items -- brush holders, etc. for ideas. Stick suction cups to the tank sides. Also, my suggestion is to look at live plants. My betta ignores his hammocks now that I have plants in there. I dropped the water level low so he doesn't have to swim...
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    Help My Betta Hurt Himself

    Truly! My betta gets stuck on a leaf or entangled in the roots! If I don't watch him constantly throughout the day and wonder why he hasn't moved since a couple of hours ago, he would stay there till I did a water change! The only way I know he was stuck is because I move the leaf a bit and...
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    Important Desperately In Need Of Help.

    Poor Baby! I hope others will give you advise about what you are doing and what they would do. But I want to let you know that my betta has had fin rot that bad, and with good clean water from daily partial water changes, warm water with a good heater, light feeding, Kanamycin treatments in my...
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    To Rehome Or To Not Rehome...

    Another thought I had is, you said he was in your two-year's bedroom. Could it have been stress instead of boredom? A child has a tendency to touch or hit the glass, perhaps waking up in the middle of the night,(your child, not the fish ha ha), sleeping in the room with a night-light on...
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    New Baby Betta! Need Suggestions

    Wow! What a gorgeous Betta! How do you keep his fins in such beautiful shape!
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    How To Calm A Stressed Betta

    I would also add keeping him warm is also important. Maybe take him to a petshop and ask them to bag him in a bag with oxygen added to the bag as you are ready to leave. Then put him in an insulation bag with cushioning around him so he doesn't slide. Think, "what do they do to safely ship...
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    To Rehome Or To Not Rehome...

    I also read on here that sometimes it is a genetic defect. In that case I'd just say, "keep the water clean and do what you're doing now," and be happy that's all he's doing -- not pinecone, ich or anything that will kill him.
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    To Rehome Or To Not Rehome...

    I was going to also suggest what décor is in the tank, especially live plants. If he has a place to make a "territory" among the plants, and a few other natural décor (not plastic other than perhaps a hammock attached to the glass), that would help him scout out his territory and give him...
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    Question My Betta Has Scale Loss On His Head

    It actually looks like he's is being pushed away from the lower portion of the filter, so the outtake might be enough, but you maybe want to look into how to modify the lower portion of the tank's filtration.
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    Question My Betta Has Scale Loss On His Head

    A baffle is something you put on the outflow (the water the falls back into the tank) to slow the way it hits the water surface coming back into the tank. Also a sponge on the intake tube helps slow the water being pulled into the filter.
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    Question My Betta Has Scale Loss On His Head

    I would be concerned that the current of the filter is rushing him against some of the decorations in the tank and injuring him. So, one answer to your question to keep him from banging his head in the future is to baffle or turn down the filter so it isn't washing him against anything and he...
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    Best Filter For A 10 Gallon And 55 Gallon?

    Thank you for the video. That looks like it would work great! Except I have a Lot of loosely-planted plants, and when I pulled up the sponge, the plants come up with it. It's really a nuisance to clean. I wish I could have made it work, but it really tore up the tank. A hang on back is so...
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    New Baby Betta! Need Suggestions

    Is he a double tail?
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    Betta Fish Not Swimming Right And Laying At The Bottom Of The Tank

    Plus if he does have a swimming issue, salt could make it worse. (Aquarium and sea salt. Not Epsom salt, but at this point don't worry about that). Just realize that if you only have so much money to spend, you need help deciding what to get that is important Right Now. Later you can get...
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    Best Filter For A 10 Gallon And 55 Gallon?

    I tried using sponge in my 20 gallon long, and I had trouble cleaning it. do you take the whole unit out of the water to clean the sponge or does your sponge slide off the outtake tube? It messed up my whole tank, all the gunk in the sponge would drip into the water column as I was trying to...
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    Tetra Whisper Air Pump Not Working

    Do you have a check-valve on your tubes anywhere? If so, could they (it) be on backwards?
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    What Do You Say Is The Minimum Betta Tank Size?

    Large enough for a heater and something to give the betta a sense of privacy and territory by what is inside his tank. Long fins need less, lower levels of water, in my experience (which is pretty short--my experience, that is), but the important thing is a tank that can control the...
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    Broken Tank Filter

    Don't know if the OP has remedied the situation, but just wanted to reiterate the impellor. the little magnet on the end of the intake tube that has a magnet on it -- I find little almost unseen wraps of fine hair on the pin holding the blades and magnet. Might want to check that. Also, my...
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    Help Betta Fish In A School

    I agree with everyone here. Don't steal. You'll get into so much trouble! But that person is a "counselor", so you should be able to talk clearly to that person about the fish and what he needs. Take along information about diseases he will assuredly get if he doesn't get better living...
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    Concerned For My Betta

    well, your fish has the answer, if he's irritated by it, then regardless of what the rest of fish keepers say, he says it's not good. But I'm no expert. and maybe your fish likes it. I also thought perhaps the color you're seeing is his natural coloring coming in????

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