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    Question P. demasoni

    Dems will be impossible to sex at LFS unless you vent them and know what to look for........
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    Question P. demasoni

    I love them too but they were unavalible, Finaly I found a dude selling salousi, so i got a hoard of them instead.....
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    Pics of my firemouths. Both female?

    They look to young to sex, Here is my young female from a wile back,(definatly a female As my friend bred her)
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    Question P. demasoni

    This sounds like a terrible idea........ First, how do you plan to sex your dems.... second you probably(not definatly as almost anything is possible) will end up with only 1 in a few months(dominant male) I would co for ten+ and then add a few labs.......... Do you realy think the Dems would...
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    whats a hybrid?

    Well, it is half ob peacock and half Dimidiochromis compressiceps, Which might as well make it 1/4mbuna, 1/4 Aulonocara and 1/2 eye biter because ob peacocks are already a mbuna peacock hybrid. Definatly not a pure aulonocara, body and head shape is way off.....
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    Malawi Mbuna Cichlids And Frontosas

    Blood worms only sounds very unhealthy Mine take a mixture of all veggie and staple foods. The vid showed haps, peacocks and mbuna side by side, although the aquarium can hardly be compared to the wild........ And, most mbuna need more than just a veggie flake........
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    adopted cichlid added to new tank too aggressive?

    Your fish probably would have been ok....but.....not worth the risk....
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    Itching for a rainbow tank!

    Not all rainbows are brackish......
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    Malawi Mbuna Cichlids And Frontosas

    I relize that mbuna tend to eat more plant based foods but in the aquarium peacocks and mbuna alike will do well on a staple pellet(NLS,Hikari,Omega-oNE) as you might know.... In a large enough tank(6 foot plus) i have had little problems mixing them. No bloat, few deaths and minimal problems...
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    How Do I how do i stop my zebras breeding with yellow labs

    Do you have plenty of females for the yellow lab male and for the red zebra male?Proper ratios?
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    whats a hybrid?

    "definitely, but it depends on the type" any mouthbrooder from lake malwi can produce offspring together, an interesting and less common example of a large hap hybrid Ob eye biter
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    adopted cichlid added to new tank too aggressive?

    Every fish is different, but given that it is a female and of a more layed back species, I would say go for it. As for Socolofi they can be nasty, I have an albino male that thinks he is the boss over all my chipokie
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    My three yabbies, with my fish

    Remember, you only introduced them one day ago........
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    Malawi Mbuna Cichlids And Frontosas

    "I know certain peacocks can go in with certain Mbuna's like the Labs but really it's safest to stick with one lake." You mean one bio type, seeing as how the Aulonocara family and the mbuna both dwell in lake malawi....... But anyways , a 55 gallon is too small for frontasa, they really...
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    homemade cichlid food?

    Go to and look it up in the library
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    Question Filter for 5 G. Hex Betta tank

    I would use a hagen elite mini

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