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  1. WilleyMunda

    One Or Two Filters?

    What is everyone’s view on using either 1 large external filter or 2x smaller external filters? I didn’t like the idea of using 2x small filters as it would mean having four individual pipes going into the tank?
  2. WilleyMunda

    Filter For Juwel Rio 240 With Cichlids?

    I was looking at the Fluval 407 or maybe the Fluval FX4 external filters for a Juwel Rio 240 Litre tank with Cichlids in it? I havent got the tank or filter yet but just seeing what everyones view is? I understand you have to overfilter with Chichlids, but im not even sure the FX4 will even fit...
  3. WilleyMunda

    Oase Biomaster, 250, 350 Or 600

    Im thinking of getting either a 180l, 200l or 240l tank to keep Cichlids. I've heard you should have a minimum of 200l to keep Cichlids, and to overstock them and to over filter them. (im presuming i would get away with a 180l but not ideal) With that in mind what size Oase Biomaster filter...

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