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    Entire Bottle Of Tss???

    I have looked everywhere and cannot find the answer to my question. 8.45oz of TSS+ (treats up to 500 gallons) 10-gallon tank Do I really put the whole bottle in the tank of that size? The reason why I purchased the largest bottle is because I wanted to start-up multiple tanks. I have 2...
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    Help! I'm Not Too Sure What Is Wrong With My Betta :(

    Attached are pictures of my Betta. When I went into work last Monday, it looked like he had cloudy eyes. Brought him home to treat him since school is on fall break. I have him in a small container doing either daily or twice daily water changes. Been doing it for a week now and I have noticed...
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    50-gallon Set-up And Stock List For A Science Classroom

    I just got my hands on a 49-gallon acrylic tank. Dimensions are about 120.5cm L x 31.5cm D x 49cm H (front corners are rounded). The tank is going to be in a science classroom that has A/C. I have a 10g tank in the beginning stages of cycling and the water temperatures read at 24.5C/76.1F min...

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