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  1. tropicalfishlover

    Mini cycle - why?

    Welcome to Fishlore! What do you mean by "seemingly mini cycling"? What are the things you're noticing? I cant imagine taking out half of the water would do that to a tank. Did you add prime? Hope you get more help soon.
  2. tropicalfishlover

    Red Minor tetra dead

    How are they doing?
  3. tropicalfishlover

    Red Minor tetra dead

    Welcome to Fishlore As JoelTRG asked is the tank cycled? Do you have an API master test kit? If not, I would get one to be able to check the water parameters. Also 5 gallons is rather small for RMT, I think they need something more along the lines of a 20 gallon or so.
  4. tropicalfishlover

    20 Gallon Stocking Help

    Personally I would consider it stocked. Platies have a relatively large bioload and zebra danios are really active so I wouldn't add anything else.
  5. tropicalfishlover

    "Centerpiece" Fish: once again, searching...

    You could try a pair of honey gourami's. Also I'm not sure how big endlers are but if they're close in size to neon tetras than you should be fine with your endlers as I've had a trio of pearl gourami's with neons and haven't had any disappear yet.
  6. tropicalfishlover

    Question Platy behavior?

    My platies are usually out and about swimming around or begging for food. I don't know maybe they're just getting used to a new tank?
  7. tropicalfishlover

    55G stocking

    I have german blue rams and angelfish together and have had no problems whatsoever. Also good call on only getting one pleco. Keep us updated on how it goes!
  8. tropicalfishlover

    What do you think about my new aquarium?

    Welcome to Fishlore! Nice tank and beautiful angels.
  9. tropicalfishlover


    I don't see a problem with that. There is some good bacteria in the gravel like the filter but I don't think enough to make a difference.
  10. tropicalfishlover

    55G stocking

    Welcome to Fishlore! What were your plans for the angelfish? Out of four, most likely you'll get a pair and they can become very aggressive when breeding so I would have a backup as sometimes pairs don't work in community tanks. And sometimes plecos can become aggressive to each other if they...
  11. tropicalfishlover

    What kind of Gourami Is this?

    I agree with DougieB, it does look like a honey gourami.
  12. tropicalfishlover

    36gal Stocking

    Bettas can be iffy in a community tank so have an extra tank incase you have to remove him. Other than that I don't see any problems besides the betta going after the shrimp as when he sees the shrimp they'll probably become a quick snack. What kind of substrate do you have? The cories are a...
  13. tropicalfishlover

    Ideas for stocking 10 gallon and 20 gallon?

    I doubt any fin nipping would occur other then the usual dominance sorting. Also do you have a QT tank?
  14. tropicalfishlover

    Ideas for stocking 10 gallon and 20 gallon?

    Welcome to Fishlore! With 2 mollies and preferably 6 tetras(they do best in schools of 6 to, and if not they might become shy and sometimes aggressive, which black skirt tetras are somewhat known for fin nipping) personally I would say that if stocked. Mollies can get large 3+ inches up and...
  15. tropicalfishlover

    Help me please

    Welcome to Fishlore! If you got all of your fish yesterday than you might want to watch your water parameters as adding that many fish at once might cause a mini cycle and I wouldn't add any more fish because the tanks already overcrowded. Also the angelfish might eat the neons once it gets...
  16. tropicalfishlover

    Brown algea only on my plants?

    Luckily nerites don't eat plants and also they cant breed in freshwater.
  17. tropicalfishlover

    265g Planted 1/1/14

    It looks great Beautiful angels and parrots. Were you going to stock something in the 33 or just tear it down?
  18. tropicalfishlover

    Brown algea only on my plants?

    Or a nerite snail. They also love diatoms.

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