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  1. kellyiswicked

    2 of my mollies are lying on the ground but breathing?

    I agree that they're probably sick. I'm sorry this is happening to you, but we've all been there, learning what to do for fish. They're harder to keep than people give us credit for =P There's a good chance they will die. Just be prepared. When you do water changes, you should dechlorinate...
  2. kellyiswicked

    How to treat fungus

    I wish I had chosen to follow your advice from the start instead of trying the PimaFix and MelaFix. I won't make that mistake again =( if I can get to the LFS soon I'll get some maracyn 1 and maracyn 2 to try and save the remaining infected fish. I may also pick up some of this or Seachem...
  3. kellyiswicked

    How to treat fungus

    Just as an update and if anyone else has this problem: I bought Melafix and Pimafix a week ago. I used both in 2/3 of the recommended dose each day (I have cories and think they may be sensitive to this kind of thing). I changed 20% of the water each day and added the medicine immediately...
  4. kellyiswicked

    Starting over with Larger Tanks, Need help Stocking.

    Agreed on the DGs. Granted, 75 gallons leaves them a lot of space, so you could be okay, but they can be kind of nasty. Also, DGs are notoriously unhealthy. Mine, who lived the high life in a 36 gallon and never showed signs of disease just died randomly about a week ago. She was less than a...
  5. kellyiswicked

    How to treat fungus

    I got home today and saw that the rainbow from the video, with the white growth on her gill, is staying in one place and breathing heavily. I was planning on picking up PimaFix tomorrow and administering it when I got home from work, but she doesn't look good. Is there anything I could/should...
  6. kellyiswicked

    How to treat fungus

    Thank you for the replies! Since the possible fungus just appeared, I think I'll continue with daily water changes and see if it clears up before it becomes severe. I'm also considering getting some Pimafix. In the link macca posted, the author recommended adding salt to the tank for some...
  7. kellyiswicked

    How to treat fungus

    Hey everyone, I'm pretty sure two of my rainbowfish have a fungus infection. I couldn't get a good picture but uploaded a video that shows the growth on one's side near the gills. The other has one on his midbody, but he...
  8. kellyiswicked

    So angry! Friend STOLE my fish!

    Wait, she threw a pot of boiling water at you? That's ground for assault. You could have been seriously injured. Get that woman into therapy.
  9. kellyiswicked

    So angry! Friend STOLE my fish!

    I know this isn't a consolation, but the tetra will probably be dead sooner rather than later. Also, as some friendly advice, that sounds like someone you should stay far, far away from. It doesn't seem like you're going to get anything profitable or, frankly, friendly out of this relationship.
  10. kellyiswicked

    Stocking Scheme on Semi-South American 55 (or 60) Gallon Tank

    A couple random thoughts.. I would get more than 6 cories, maybe so many as 10? They're tiny buggers and they loooove company. I can never get over how cute they are. Pictus catfish do get quite large (I can't quote an exact number) and need a school. So 55 gallons isn't really enough for them...
  11. kellyiswicked

    Hep with Stocking a 30gallon tank

    You already got some good advice about the goldfish issue, but I do have a question: what kind of gouramis do you have? Because normal gourami get pretty large, whereas dwarfs are on the smaller side (under 3 inches I think). This would also influence your stocking choices. Edit: and by...
  12. kellyiswicked

    Need to move my tank

    Just as a suggestion, I would empty the entire tank into 5 gallon buckets (fish included) and move it that way. A 29 gallon tank will still be hella heavy even with only 25% of the water in it, and I don't think sloshing around in a clear tank is therapuetic for any fish. My fish all moved a...
  13. kellyiswicked

    Would like to pick your brains if you don't mind...

    If you want a slightly more rare but amusing fish for the 10 gallon, I'd recommend a dwarf puffer. They only get to be about an inch long, but they are flippin' adorable and supposedly have a ton of personality. They're on my "Fish I Want" short list!
  14. kellyiswicked

    Question Restocking - What Fish To Get?

    Quick note on puffers because I don't think anyone mentioned it: every puffer I've heard of or researched needs to be kept in a species-only tank. For some reason they can be very aggressive. I know this is true of dwarf puffers and some others; maybe the ones you're referring to are different...
  15. kellyiswicked

    36 gallon - has black ruby barbs, a DG and cories - get rams or a school?

    I'm going to the fish store tomorrow to get some plants and cories. I'll check out their other fish stock while I'm there. Suggestions on rams vs schooling fish? Anyone?
  16. kellyiswicked

    Strategizing Freshwater Semi-agressive Fish Compatibility

    Rainbow sharks probably also shouldn't be attempted with angelfish. I have one, and he's not terribly aggressive, but he's moody and I actually removed him from my 36 gallon once I realized it would never be peaceful with him there (moral of the story: research FIRST. I learned the hard way.)...
  17. kellyiswicked

    36 gallon - has black ruby barbs, a DG and cories - get rams or a school?

    Greetings Fishlorians! I have a 36gallon bowfront tank currently stocked with 7 black ruby barbs, a DG, and some cories (only 2-3 now because a few died, so planning on putting their group back up to 7 or 8). I'd like to hear opinions on if I'd be better off getting a pair of rams or a school...
  18. kellyiswicked

    20 gallon tank stocking plan

    I believe angelfish will eventually grow too large for a 20 gallon. I've never kept them and am not informed as to their various species, but it's something I would look into. I'll have to let someone else comment on the dwarf cichlids. I would get at least 6 cory cats, and depending on the...
  19. kellyiswicked

    Running multiple aquariums in the same room on the same breaker

    I'm not sure if this is exactly relevant to your question, but while I was away for Christmas some of my tanks went on and off, essentially killing two bettas whose heaters were off for too long. So I think my suggestion is just to be conscientious that when you leave for long periods of time...
  20. kellyiswicked

    My 37 Gallon tank idea

    I would classify a dwarf gourami as mostly top swimming. Mine does almost nothing but eat bubbles at the top of the tank. So just be aware that you may have a little controversy there with a lot of top swimmers. I also think black phantom tetras can be nippy - I'd look into their compatibility...

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