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  1. Jeffsglo

    New Guy - Could Use Emergency Help.

    I had a high nitrate level from my tap. I ended up installing a RO DI filter system. I have the Aqua Baracuta kind. I think you can at the moment do a 50 to 75 % water change. Gold fish are very dirty. I had them when I first started the hobby. I would test your tap water and then test...
  2. Jeffsglo

    Question Marineland 5 Gallon Portrait

    You need a media in the filter. In this case the bag filter is mainly for smell and to clear the water. But your media keeps the bio load. Can you still use the media filter that came with this filter and also use a sponge filter behind it? This way you have media filter that you never...
  3. Jeffsglo

    Beginner Mistakes

    My biggest mistake was when my daughter and son won a goldfish at the county fair. I had no idea what I was doing. So I went to Walmart and bought a 1.5 gallon tank for both of my kids. And just threw the fish in each tank. They kept getting bigger and bigger. Until they were so big that...
  4. Jeffsglo

    Question Do You Clean Your Filter Every Wc?

    Hello, I normally clean my filter media once per month in aquarium water. I have a sponge filter in the aquarium, and a two in one filter HOB that came with my aquarium. I normally squeeze the sponge filter really good once a month in aquarium water, and change my cartridge filter once per...
  5. Jeffsglo

    Adivice On Fish Swapping

    Oh, ok! Then I think it would be fine to swap out those fish. A 20g is just fine for them.
  6. Jeffsglo

    Dealing With Fish Deaths

    I am so sorry for your loss You are truly a good person. I can see by your post that you care a great deal for your fish. And you take great care of them. You are right to say that you should take pics and short videos of your fish. I really get attached to my fish. And take great care to...
  7. Jeffsglo

    Adivice On Fish Swapping

    Why not put the danios and the tiger barbs in the 55g together?? This would be a great tank for both? And leave the 20g as a quarantine tank. I don't think I would put 10 danios in the 20g. They would all do much better in the 55g. And you would have a great display tank.
  8. Jeffsglo

    Lonely Zebra Danio

    A couple of things, 10g is not big enough for zebra danios. They are a shoaling fish and need to be in groups of 5-6 or more. They need at least a 20g long so they can swim. They only live at most 2-3 yrs. So that is what I had the dilemma of when I had 2 10g tanks for each of my kids. I...
  9. Jeffsglo

    Mystery Snail Food/unknown Plant

    You can get a container of freeze dried shrimp! I give this to my fish and cory. It's cheap and they love it.
  10. Jeffsglo

    How To Qt Fish. Never Done It Before!

    Hello, and welcome to Fishlore! A quarantine tank needs to cycle just like your display tank. You need a filter, heater, hide outs, substrate if you want or a bare bones bottom, but I prefer a substrate. You do water changes the same as your display tank. You just watch the fish for at least a...
  11. Jeffsglo

    Help (graphic Pics) I Don't Think I Cycled Properly. Questions On Tests.

    I would get the API Master Test Kit for Fresh Water. The test strips don't work in my opinion. I would also lower the temp to 76 to78 degrees! 80 degrees is too high! I would only be doing a 10% to 20% water change at one time! Do smaller water changes more often if you like. I would also...
  12. Jeffsglo

    Question What Has Happened To My Catfish?

    Hello, And Welcome to Fishlore! There could be a lot of things such as water perameters, Is the aquarium cycled? Do you know about the Nitrogen Cycle? Ammonia in the aquarium is at high levels? What are you testing the water perameters with? Are you adding a dechlorinator such as Seachem...
  13. Jeffsglo

    Water Quality Issues

    Hello, and welcome to Fishlore! How are you testing the water? Did you test your tap or source water? It could be that your source water has high nitrite and nitrate in it? You can do things like put plants in your tank, or use RO water, but first try to do more frequent water changes and...
  14. Jeffsglo

    Question Rate My Set Up!!

    Very nice tank! All that matters is that you are happy with your creation. As mentioned the compatibility of the fish is an issue. But you are the creator and as long as you like it, you are happy
  15. Jeffsglo

    Egg Crates

    I always find that online is best!! Do a google search on cheap dividers for fish aquariums. Also, you can watch youtube videos on how to divide you aquarium, or what to use to divide your aquarium. Then look at ebay and amazon to see if you can find a cheap one. Also, you can youtube do it...
  16. Jeffsglo

    Question Dirt With Gravel Cap

    I would say as long as your soil is pure and does not have anything to harm the fish, you don't have to make it so fine. Maybe just get the big stuff out.
  17. Jeffsglo

    Ammonia Problem

    Hello, and sorry for the late reply! After you do a water change, add quick start and leave the aquarium be. It takes a while for the BB to establish in the media filter. After a week see what your readings are? It can take a few months for your tank to cycle. When I added Tetra Safe Start...
  18. Jeffsglo

    Difficulty In Cycling

    It could be that you are not supplying your tank with enough ammonia source. With that much tank water and that few fish, You don't have enough ammonia? You can add a beneficial bacteria like Tetra Safe Start Plus to add BB but you might need more fish to raise the ammonia for the cycle?
  19. Jeffsglo

    Glass Or Acrylic Tank?

    I prefer glass because it doesn't scratch as easily. Just make sure the tank is level to prevent undo stress on the sides.
  20. Jeffsglo

    Reef Octopus Diablo Dc 10500

    Sorry, I am not aware of which filter would work better. I was only commenting on the noise of the filter. Maybe there Is someone on here that has knowledge of these filters? Sorry for not being a great help.

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