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  1. TucanSam

    Can A 75g Tank Fit In A Car?

    I mean, certainly where there is a will there's a way haha. We had extreme plans for the 125 before a friend offered his pickup.
  2. TucanSam

    Can A 75g Tank Fit In A Car?

    I would probably try to rent a Truck at Home Depot personally. We have a Kia Sportage and a 75 + stand took up the entire back of that car with the seats down.
  3. TucanSam

    Going To Have A 16 Hour Power Cut

    Any chance you can raise the temp in the house over night? Maybe get a battery powered air pump to keep aeration up/power a small sponge filter? I've not much experience with this, but my only other option would be to wrap the aquarium in blankets lol
  4. TucanSam

    Multifasciatus Fry Selling Size

    Hey all, I have some shellie fry I would like to eventually sell so I don't run out of room to keep them. I was curious how big they should be before I try to move them? Currently the largest are about 1/3 to half the size of the adults (Have 3 adults with two being female and one larger male.)...
  5. TucanSam

    Pea Puffer Won’t Eat?

    My puffer also won't eat the snails so... He just has snail roommates now. Ugh. Hopefully he gets ravenous when bigger. Have you tried soaking bloodworms or food in garlic extract? That's how I got my guy eating finally. Though I do have to chop the bloodworms up so they aren't too big for him...
  6. TucanSam

    Help Help On What I Should Do With This Tank

    You can probably dose ferts and possibly root tabs to make up for the CEC and the fact that it is inert. A lot of people us fluorite so it must be possible to get it going, though obviously aquasoil is going to be better.
  7. TucanSam

    Denison Barb Prolapsed Anus?

    At the very least it didn't fall off when I moved him to a bowl for that photo. It also didn't seem to move at all though. Weird. I'll keep monitoring. His appetite hasn't changed at all and he still schools with the other denisons.
  8. TucanSam

    Denison Barb Prolapsed Anus?

    These are the clearest images I could get. Still doesn't look like a parasite to me? I assumed they were much smaller and this looks thick and fleshy. Could totally be wrong though. Any help would be appreciated!
  9. TucanSam

    Denison Barb Prolapsed Anus?

    Doesn't look like any parasite I've seen (Though I've not seen many). I'm hesitant to quarantine as if its a prolapse there isn't any real treatment it sounds like, and I don't want to stress him out for no reason.
  10. TucanSam

    Quick Question: Am I Cycled?

    With an Aquaclear the chances of it overflowing are pretty minimal to 0 in my experience. The AC's are basically set up like a canister filter so they don't have the same big 'ol filter pads with carbon that like to bloat up when dirty. It moves through layers of media/carbon etc that are housed...
  11. TucanSam

    Partial Water Changes

    I think in theory you can wait for a water change until your Nitrates dictate you need to do one, but imo fresh water never hurts a fish and I prefer to do a schedule than obsess over numbers in my water.
  12. TucanSam

    Switching Water Conditioners

    Shouldn't need to do anything special. Buy some Prime and then when you do your next water changer, just use that instead.
  13. TucanSam

    Dojo Loaches Help

    Sand will probably eventually mix in with gravel, but it won't do so immediately. I believe dojo's burrow so as lnog as the rocks aren't super sharp they should be ok? I considered getting dojo's so this is all from memory. Iirc they can be kept alone but also like company. I think your...
  14. TucanSam

    Denison Barb Prolapsed Anus?

    Hey everyone. Boy, am I having a go of it with my Denison Barbs. After introducing 6 originals to my main tank I had one die for no apparent reason. The other 5 lived on and I bought 2 more to bolster their numbers. Well, after quarantine and adding them in it looks like one has a prolapsed...
  15. TucanSam

    What Is This Gel On My Wood?

    It looks like the white mold/fungus some wood gets in the aquarium when first put in to me. Should be harmless and eventually will go away on its own.
  16. TucanSam

    Fluval 3.0 Not Getting Powered

    It sounds like it may have been damaged in shipping. Did you re-download the app? Does it recognize the light as being there?
  17. TucanSam

    Help With 20 Gallon Stocking

    I think most any sand should be fine. By black do you mean black diamond blasting "sand"? I know that tends to be more jagged and may cause issues for sand sifters . What type of corydoras specifically? They tend to have different care needs, ie some being colder water fish and some warmer.
  18. TucanSam

    Betta Questions

    I feed my betta a pinch of food. Sometimes more than I probably should, but he's in a heavily planted tank so.. I'd say 5-6 pellets is what he eats in a couple minutes though. As for the surfing, the personable and active fish I've had all seemed to do that when first added to the tank. If he...
  19. TucanSam

    10 Gallon Tank How Long Should I Wait Before Adding New Fish?

    Then the fastest way to seed the new filter would be to change out the filter pad and put the old one into the 10 gallon filter. Assuming the 5 gallon filter has a cheese grater thing, you won't lose the cycle. Otherwise, give it a couple of weeks.
  20. TucanSam

    10 Gallon Tank How Long Should I Wait Before Adding New Fish?

    So you upgraded from a 5 gallon to a 10, and transferred everything over, correct? So the old filter is still there and hasn't been cleaned at all? Still has old filter/media? Then you're basically good to go as is. Might give it a few days to let the fish relax after the stress of the move, but...

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