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    More Graphic Art

    Love ya tag's, great job. I use mainly Paint Shop Pro XII. I've got Photoshop CS2 and CS3 as well as other graphic programs, lol. I've been making Graphics and Digital Paintings for about 8 years now and it took almost 12 months to know what I was doing in PSP let alone PS. :-[
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    Freaky spider

    Yeah...I think your right Speedy, looks like a Garden Orb Weaver, we have them here in the bush in Vic. As a matter of fact one builds its web every night between the garage and the carport. There is also a Golden Orb Weaver.
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    Old graphic art work I made

    Cute tags Allie. Yeah, I've been addicted to PaintShopProX2 and PhotoshopCS2/3. Took me at least a year to learn PSP (started with V7) and I am still learning PS. lol. I still make graphics and tags on and off. Not meaning to hi-jack your thread ... this is one of my Ferret I made last year...
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    My 135 gallon tank

    Fantastic tank... love it.
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    My Ferret

    Yeah I have a Ferret, his name is Fergus lol. He is a riot and adorable. Fergus in his cage with Gus...
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    Discus Straight Out Of Malaysia

    Wow... nice fish Matt
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    My redone 5ft

    Wow, I love your tank Alasse, your driftwood is gorgeous, I have been trying to get my hands on some like that lol. I love the natural look, the fish really stand out. Yeah I can relate to the water situation, we are on tank rain water as well and we have not had much winter rain in my area of...
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    My 150g

    Hey FishKiller, I'm new too lol. Love your tank and your fish are beautiful. Thanks for the tip on camera settings Kate, my catfish darts around so fast the pic's are always blurry.x

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