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  1. Strangerfish(:

    New Fish With A Bump

    Today I got my 1st gourami and just now I noticed it has a bump by its mouth(btw it also has a white tip and itches the fish)is this a disease or a (infected?) wound? And how do I treat it?
  2. Strangerfish(:

    What Types Of Algae Are These?

    Lately I've been noticing black strands on my fake plants and green spots that won't come off easily even by scraping it on the glass. What types are they and how should I treat it? spots 2.strands The tank is established, almost 1 year old, clear water, 50 % water changes about every...
  3. Strangerfish(:

    Help With Bosemani Rainbowfish Schooling And Sexing

    Recently I have gotten 2 bosemani rainbowfish. My lfs sold them to me as a pair but then I thought they were both males. So I went back to the store and they said I shouldn't add any more to make a school if the two "males" were getting along but now I'm thinking one might be a female So my...

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