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    Getting Into Sw Life

    I have two of these (1,500 gph each) and 2 of the 800 gph ones..... and one random 350 gph powerhead for a 75 gallon tank. I will likely replace the two 800's with something stronger soon. I recommend those..... cheap, magnetic attachment (you want that) and work well.
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    Help Compatibility Questions

    Don't make my same mistakes...... just say "no" to Damsels......
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    Getting Into Sw Life

    I would go to your local store and buy established live rock...... so get ready to spend a quick $400 right there.
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    Id Of Anemone?

    That would be my guess..... but it's tough to say, and I'm not good at ID'ing as it is!
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    Anemone Wont Expand

    How long has it been? You probably have to just wait.
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    So I Added An Anemone

    That didn't take long..... just got a 75g tank...... this hobby is gonna break me.
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    Question Do I Need A Sump?

    Buy GOOD, wet rock, from a local shop. It will help with cycling the tank etc. For a tank that small, I wouldn't doubt you could get a local shop to sell you a 5g bucket of water straight from their tanks too.
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    Doing My Homework While Tank Cycles ... Cuc For Fluval Evo 13.5?

    Just googled "Porcelain Crabs" Absolutely picking one or two up...... can't help ya, but thanks OP!
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    Question Do I Need A Sump?

    nah.... no sump..... but you will want rock, it will make everything easier. 10G is easy..... I would do decent sized water-changes somewhat regularly. EDIT: Easy as in easy to setup and run, and maintain..... keeping stuff alive in your 10g could be a whole different story..... any...
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    Tank With Sump

    I know nothing about these, but I want to move my entire tank (that I recently got.... I know.... I know....) into a new tank with sump etc. I am looking at tank + sump options, used on ebay etc. I know nothing about these things.... is linking to ones I am curious about within the...
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    Lchi’s Sw Build- 10g To Im25 Lagoon!

    You have good taste in corals. Fun and colorful tank for sure
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    Question Should I Start Up A Saltwater Tank?

    If you want it for one fish, you can easily find virtually ready-to-go tanks on Craigslist $1000 for a 125 seems crazy when just a "tank" that size can be had for $150, but if it comes with everything you need and rocks etc it is absolutely worth it With that said, it doesn't sound like...
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    Question Should I Start Up A Saltwater Tank?

    Not sure on "maintenance" but I spend over an hour a day making minor adjustments or cleaning a few spots on the glass or organizing wires, testing water etc. That's the relaxing part of the hobby for me. I would hate to admit the time I have been spending researching etc. I just...
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    Question Should I Start Up A Saltwater Tank?

    22 years old, non-home-owner, and money is no object? Well, get what you can before you have kids! Honestly I would focus on those unique custom tanks that look like art pieces even before corals and fish enter the picture. My buddy has tanks and he has a smaller one that stands...
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    So I Added An Anemone

    Here is the best picture I could get of him trying to get cozy that I could get in the short time I had. He usually backs into him
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    Question Should I Start Up A Saltwater Tank?

    I started with a pre-owned, already stable 46g less than a month ago , and I am shopping for 90-150's now
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    Happiestcamper Getting Salty

    Is that an urchin? What kind? Looks cool under the lights How hard are clams to keep healthy? That thing looks awesome too
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    Question Should I Start Up A Saltwater Tank?

    I don't think 10g is big enough for any puffer variety. What types of tanks do you have now? Even a 10g saltwater tank may end up being a $500 startup. If you can go bigger you should
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    Do My Anemones Look Healthy?

    To me the one under the rock could be ok..... Just closed from stress, but the one on top doesn't look healthy at all. Both (could be the camera/light) look pretty unhealthy color-wise
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    Question Feeding Anemones?

    I picked up a bubble tip and asked how often I could feed it and what etc. and the guy said a shrimp once a month. When I went to pick it up the other guy there said not to feed an anemone at all, and they get what they need by themselves and they solely need light to survive. This...

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