Why Planted Tanks Are Better

Why Planted Tanks Are Better

By: King o´ Angelfish

Owning a planted tank will benefit the owner in many ways. Planted tanks have so many peaceful features, a person could sit and stare at it and lose track of time. A planted tank will give a home an entire new look, this display will illuminate the home with a beautiful, underwater creation. Planted tanks are a superior choice over non-planted tanks. A planted tank is the prime decision because it is a more natural environment, it is healthier for the inhabitants, and it is aesthetically more attractive to the owner.

First of all, a planted tank is the best choice because it is a more natural environment for its inhabitants. It has been proven that fish feel more at ease in a planted tank. Since planted tanks are a more natural environment, fish can relax and create their own territories within the plants. A planted tank mimics the rivers, lakes, streams, and swamps of the world. When provided the right conditions, it is possible fish in the tank will breed, and if they are successful, the babies will have a protective sanctuary to hide in while they develop into juveniles. Sometimes there are fish that get bullied; in this case, a planted tank will provide nooks and crannies for the fish to retreat to. A planted tank is more natural, and it allows the fish to interact with the plants and make use from them.

Secondly, a planted tank has more benefits because it provides a healthier environment for the fish. In an aquarium with fish, there are three main harmful compounds that will exist: ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates. Ammonia comes from fish waste, uneaten food, or decaying plant matter. When ammonia is broken down by the beneficial bacteria, it is converted into nitrites and later nitrates. All these compounds are toxic to fish and in high amounts could cause death. Plants are very useful in eliminating these compounds since they absorb them as fertilizers. Without plants ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates could get alarmingly high, this aids to the health of the fish. Apart from eliminating toxic compounds, plants emit oxygen and aerate the tank. Plants benefit from the carbon dioxide exhaled from the fish, and fish benefit from the oxygen produced by the plants. When a fish feels too stressed it becomes prone to disease, plants support the fish by making them feel at ease and safe, avoiding stress.

Not only does a planted tank provide a natural, healthy environment, it also makes a beautiful display. In a bare bottom tank, the view can become rather boring after a while, nothing changes, and it looks empty. On the other hand, in a planted tank, changes over time, plants grow, reproduce and change colors; this gives the owner something to look forward to. With a planted tank you can decorate it in different styles to achieve a desired aquascapes. This can be really fun, and rewarding in the end.

In conclusion, planted tanks are very fun and delightful. The stunning appearance of these tanks is like no other. Having such a beautiful display in your home is something to be proud of.


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I take a great deal of pride in my plants and enjoy caring for them as much as I enjoy caring for my fish.
King o´ Angelfish
King o´ Angelfish
I feel the same way. Both are living creatures who deserve equal attention. Combining the two of them result in a masterpiece! Thanks for the review!
Nice details!
King o´ Angelfish
King o´ Angelfish
I appreciate the positive review and comment! Thanks for stopping by!
Most of the article is an opinion of how planted tanks look better, some information about hiding spaces and plants reducing nitrates is good.
King o´ Angelfish
King o´ Angelfish
Thanks! My intentions with this opinion piece was to encourage beginners into keepingv plants as well as fish because its such a good mix. Thanks for reviewing it!
Very good. I think plants are awesome. I do like how you point out how the plants remove nitrite and nitrate. That is very good for newer fish keepers.
King o´ Angelfish
King o´ Angelfish
Thank you very much for your review!
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