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What to do with a plant called Subwassertang Pellia

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Most people just tie this plant to a wire base and leave it on the bottom of the tank, having no root system you can be as creative as you want, so this is what I've done.

I had a spare bit of plastic mesh cut to whatever size you want' i used small plastic cable ties and joined the two ends together then cut a small hole so i could fix a sucker on, I then got some fishing gut about 4ft and tied one end to the mesh, then start layering the Subwassertang on the mesh and wrap the fishing gut over the top of the plant just tight enough to hold it but use plenty, once the plant gets established it will cover both inside and out and the fishing gut will disappear, this plant is a single cell plant and i find it to be a little brittle so if bits break off don't worry as the little bits will carry on growing, also it's great for shrimp tanks as it gives the shrimp a good place to hide from predators after they moult.

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