What is an Anabantoidei fish??

What is an Anabantoidei fish??

What are gills?
fish are different to the majority of the animals that roam our planet, but what makes them so different? Fish are able to live and breathe underwater, which is a wonderful talent that barely any other animal possess. as everyone knows this is because of their gills. Gills are the respiratory organ found in most fish. This gives them the ability to breath underwater, how it works is simple. A fish will take in some water through its mouth and will start to push it against the its gill. The gill filaments will absorb all the oxygen from the water and transfer it into the bloodstream. Afterwards they will get rid of the oxygen-poor water by pushing it out of the gill flaps. But what if this wasn’t the case? What if there was a fish who didn’t use its gills?
Well one type of these fish are called Anabantoidei fish.

What is Anabantoidei fish?
Otherwise known as labyrinth fish, Anabantoidei fish have the insane ability to receive their oxygen from the air. They have a special labyrinth like lung near the front of their head which allows them to do this. Even though they have a gill, they take nearly all of the oxygen needed from the surface. In fact, if an anatoidei fish can’t swim up to the surface it will most likely die. There are multiple types of labyrinth fish, around 70 in fact, it includes many of the common pet fish for example, betta (otherwise known as siamese fighting fish), all of the gouramis, paradise fish and many more.

How does the labyrinth organ work?
The labyrinth organ is the main respiratory organ for these fish, it is found near the head just next to the gills. It is made out of extremely thin membrane which covers something called lamellae. Lamellae is a bony structure that is also found in the gill. The membrane is so extraordinarily thin that it allows oxygen to pass through, once it has gone through then it is pushed into the bloodstream. Inside of the labyrinth organ it slightly resembles an actual labyrinth because it is filled with several interconnected cavities and compartments. Another interesting fact about this organ is that most of the anabantoidei fish haven't got a fully functioning labyrinth organ at first and will have to wait until maturity.

But What is the benefits of having a labyrinth organ?
Having a labyrinth organ is extremely beneficial for these fish for multiple reasons, for instance anabantoidei fish are able to survive in much shallower waters because they only need the surface to breathe and not through the water. They can also survive in oxygen-poor or polluted waters for the same reason. Another advantage they have is that many of the Anabantoidei fish can live longer out of water compared to others. The “climbing perch” can survive 6 to 10 hours with no water supply and can also walk across the land to find a new water source. The amazing thing about the “climbing perch” is that this species of fish can actually climb trees.

How do anabantoidei fish breed
Because of their amazing ability the Anabantoidei fish has a weird and wonderful way of breeding. They are called nest builders because before they lay their eggs the male will create a bubble nest under leaves or on the surface of the water. the male will blow them and then coat them in saliva to make them more durable. Then the female will lay the fertilised eggs and underneath the male will pick them in his mouth and plant them into the nest. Afterwards the male will become the guard of the nest and will never leave it. This way the eggs are safe and protected.

In conclusion
Anabantoidei fish are amazing and have life changing traits that not many fish possess. Having this labyrinth lung-like organ is extremely beneficial for these fish and is a vital part in their survival. it is interesting to look at how they can survive in water that is polluted or oxygen poor while others can't. With all the water pollution and whatnot happening in our world, is this adaptation the reason future fish will survive??

Thanks for reading!!:)


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