Transferring Beneficial bacteria

Transferring Beneficial bacteria

So, let's say that one of your filter sponges is ruined. You need to replace it but it will cause a mini or full cycle. Here's how you can:

Get a bucket or container big enough to hold your new & old media, as well as at least a gallon of water. Next put your water, old & new media in there and an air pump. Switch the pump on to get some circulation going. Then squeeze out the old media. Leave this bucket sitting for at least a week. To speed the process up, dip the new media in 1ppm ammonia.

When the process is finished, quickly add the new media.

Here's what's going on.

The sponge is a megacity of bacteria that eat harmful particles such as ammonia or nitrite. If you replace the sponge, all the bacteria is lost and there is nothing to eat the harmful particles which could kill your animals. By doing this method, you are giving the bacteria time to flock over to the new sponge.

It would be best to have two filters in this scenario so that there is still something cleaning the tank.

Edit: Leave the media for 1 week, not 48 hrs.
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I have two problems with this article.

1. BB is not just in the filter media. Its on the decorations, substrate, and the filter itself. Instead of removing your media from your tank for a week (which, in that case, may cause your tank to cycle again anyway), Just put the new media anywhere in the tank for 2 - 3 weeks and then put it in your filter and remove the old. As long as the new media is in the tank the BB will grow on it and you can take as long as you want. No bucket or second filter needed.

2. You say to add 1ppm of ammonia during that week of transfer in a bucket. How do you measure 1ppm of ammonia? Also, how much ammonia are your fish providing? BB grow and die with the supply of ammonia. If your fish are providing more than 1 ppm of ammonia then the new filter media will have less BB than needed and when you put in the tank a new cycle will start.
Good overall, I think this article is directed more to the begginer aquarist and therefore you might want to explain what's going on in order for them to understand it better.
Okay, thanks for the thought, I'll put An explanation in.
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Instructional explanation! I only rated four starts because I personally don’t trust my media to seed in that short of time. I usually let mine go weeks before replacing a cartridge or any form of media.
ok, I'll change it to 1 week.
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