The importance of fish food variety

The importance of fish food variety

Many beginners might just go to their local store, buy a goldfish and feed it pellets or flakes for the rest of its life. While the animal can survive like this, it simply cannot thrive. Imagine eating only cereal for the rest of your life!

Using the instance of goldfish, I will explain the importance of variety in a fish's diet.

There are a number of regular house foods and specialised fish foods out there for fish. Utilising them to make your fish as happy as possible is key.

For goldfish, one of the most important parts of their diet is vegetable matter. In the wild, common carp feed mostly on plant matter and algae. You should try to resemble this in your aquarium by feeding washed lettuce, skinned cucumber discs, algae wafers, blanched leafy greens (spinach, kale, you name it.)

Goldfish also appreciate certain live foods as a treat, such as bloodworms (mosquito larvae), brine shrimp, daphnia (water fleas) and similar insects and crustaceans. These can also give the fish something to chase down, instead of the dead food normally fed.

Goldfish are prone to swim bladder disorder, which can be caused by feeding issues. To help prevent this, feed a high-fiber meal once a week using live or frozen fish food, or thawed, skinned garden peas.

Feeding pellets or flakes can and should be fed, as long as you pick out a high quality one. Buy food that has about 40% protein, for goldfish.

Pre prepared gel foods can also be made using fish, shrimp, krill, algae and other aquatic matter. They are binded together with glucose.

Thank you for reading :) if you have any suggestions, post a comment down below.
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