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  1. Cocofish
    The only thing I can also suggest adding to this is bring as much if not all the water home too. I purchased 45 gallon barrels and pumped all the water into them. My hubby snapped the lids on and duct tapped the lids as well. He then tied them all onto the pickup. It's a big truck. If it's a 90 gal. you will only need two barrels. That's what I did as it was my first salt tank and everyone was telling me that all the livestock would die due to water change so I decided not to take the chance. If I had to do it again and say it was a 500 gal (I wish) I would do it again but just rent a straight enclosed truck. Like a you haul.
  2. Carlthefishnotthelama
    This article shared some important information, that i actually was about to post about so thank you!