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reseal 50 gallon tank

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that my father tank..its leak at bottom back he ask me to repair it..its easy to talk but that lot job to do..and im not like everyday at hometown..I live somewhere else..take 6day only on weekend..basically it take 3week..

day 1,dry up tank,take out tank to working place(car garage)..use knife to cut silicon seal..
day 2,clean debris and polish the glass..apply masking tape each side the glass..silicon it..and remove the tape..

after a tree day,my father call me,say the albino oscar 11inch,own the tank lonely..hehe..he death..its because replacement tank only 15gal tank..may to small..sory the planning is change..not just planing to combine 15 gal and 50 gal tank with diy pvc canister don't have any pvc canister before.and there is a lot of video on YouTube,how to make pvc there is many try and error,but I like the challenge,if other people can make it,so do I..

day 3..test leaking,1st fill the tank with water,half only..and wait 2,3 hour,check all cured silicon, fill until full wait an hour and check the seal one more last time..
day 4,yes,there is no leaking,this my 3rd tank I do reseal..(way to pro need 100tank..hehe)..drain the water,use the water to watery some flowers plant,don't waste it..its prevent from get scolded by my father anyway..clean the tank,and put it back at their own place..clean the 15 gal tank,fill the water..

during the working day,after working,I need to find material for diy canister and I imagine that water coming from bottom tank(15gal)go trough canister and pump up to top tank(50gal)..and sifon it back to bottom a good looking tank if we don't have any pump inside the tank,and it give me 2 free tank for my guppy..I will put my guppy..hehe.. using 20' 4'diameter pvc,2x4' pvc cap..1'pvc for water input,3/4'pvc for water output,and 1'1/4 for 'U' tube for sifon(here im using washing machine drain tube) cheaper material im using as U tube at all my tank sifon and durable is what I need to be tank addict..hehe..if I need T pvc joint,I make it,if I need L pvc joint,I make it..I also can make pvc cap..since this my father tank,its at least they have 4' pvc'pvc cap cost me same price with 2feet 4'pvc pipe..I can make 10cap 4'pvc with that long 4'pvc pipe..measuring,cutting,setup,and using hot melt glu,so its easy to remove if have problem or further upgrade and epoxy glue for I think that place need extra strong connection..

day6..fill tank(50 gallon) with water,test sifon and canister..install at tank..there is no problem or leaking for sifon side..and 1 major canister problem..losing water after switch of water pump..water inside canister is get turn back into 15gal tank..first start canister is not a problem,bcoz,basically water level at tank and canister is at same level..after a smooth running,the bottom tank water get pumped to top tank,and reduce the bottom tank water level..and it took sometime for water from top tank to sifon back to bottom tank..when we switch of the pump power,now the water flow stop, bottom tank water level is definitely not at 18inch,as my canister requirement..and water inside canister pvc is actually reduce to the same level on bottom tank water level..and have a air zone along my water input pvc pipe line..this air zone prevent my canister to perform after switch of..only 2 solution I need,rise up the bottom tank water level,or I need a simple valve to prevent water from return back to bottom tank..I can't rise the water level or tank level..I only can go with valve..what valve?this valve idea take half day to think about it..right im just to give up,I clean the place where I do the 7pm already,I should go back to city bcz tomorrow is working day(today)..when I take up tank water sifon that buy from store,and like a thunder direct to my head,,I say this sifon have using this avery time needed,but not 1 time cross my mine this sifon pump valve come to my head,say even joey can't comeout with this I cut the input water line and put the valve on it..when everything is done,time to test..u know what,just 1 time push the sifon pump(installed at input canister line)the canister is run sound no vibration,no using astro 2000 for the pump,its barely fix at 4'pvc pipe..I need to make an overflow return back to bottom tank,becoz sifon 'U' tube 1'1/4 look like cannot support all water pump up from canister..astro 2000,cheap water pump with high output..4 feet water pump up with 3/4' pvc line as output pvc line..

clean the working place,already 9pm..give my father advice..if the canister not function,press this sifon pump 2 time while power is on..actually this never happen again due to the valve will block the water when power finish combine 2 tank,make water return sifon with sponge filter and active carbon slot,and very first canister with aquarium water sifon
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