Red whiptail catfish

Red whiptail catfish

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The Red Whiptail Catfish is an oddball catfish that has a slender body and only grows 4-4.5 inches and cost between $15-20.

These catfish are quite uncommon and relatively inactive. The red colour of the whiptail is thought to be artificial or a unknown hybrid. However they first appeared in Germany


In terms of care it is actually quite simple, in terms of substrate sand is best because of their habits of lying on the sand throughout the day. Driftwood and dried leaves are useful to have since the whiptail catfish rasps and hides on the driftwood and eats the leaves.

The whiptail catfish is very good at camouflaging so it doesn't hide like some other catfish species instead sits in the open and blends in with the surroundings, in my experience it hides on driftwood the most.

In terms of food this catfish is omnivorous, however from my experience doesnt eat alge and will ignore algea wafers, instead it tends to be more carnivorous and loves meaty food especially frozen or live bloodworms

Water quality needs to be kept prestine because like other species of its species it doesnt handle ammonia well, so keep it in a well established dark tank eg blackwater like i do. I also keep my whiptail in soft acidic water around 6.5 which is ideal.

The Red Whiptail Catfish Care

Scientific Name:
Rineloricaria sp.

Common Name:
Red lizard catfish, Red whiptail, l010a

Care level: medium

Size 4"-4.5"

Water parameters: PH: 6-7.5 | Temperature : 75-84°F, 24-29°c | Water Hardness : 2-15°h

Lifespan : 5+ years

Origin / Habitat : South America, comes from Loricariidae genus, may be man-made or hybrid

Temperament / Behaviour : peaceful, not very active, can live on their own or in small groups

Breeding :

Aquarium Size : 30 gallons

Tank Mates: non aggressive fish and semi- aggressive fish

Tank Region : Bottom

Gender : Males have short spines on their head


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