Rainbow cichlid care sheet

Care sheet for rainbow cichlids

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    Above: One of the two rainbow cichlids I have owned. My avatar, of course.

    Common name: Rainbow cichlid, Golden Red-eye cichlid

    Scientific name: Herotilapia multispinosa, formerly Archocentrus multispinosus

    Subfamily: Cichlinae

    Family: Cichlidae

    Order: Perciformes

    Origin: Nicaragua, Honduras, and Costa Rica

    Behavior: It depends on the individual, but in general they are a very peaceful fish, even while breeding.

    Size: Usually 3-4 inches.

    Minimum tank size: 20 gallon long

    Tank setup: Prefers a sand substrate, and some caves for cover.

    Tank region: Middle-bottom

    Diet: They are an omnivore. They feed mainly on filamentous algae, simple algae, and diatoms in the wild. They also eat tiny fish and insects in the wild. They aren't fussy eaters in the aquarium, they'll take pellets and flakes, but like most fish you should vary their diet with live foods.

    Breeding: They usually spawn on a smooth, flat rock, like slate. When they are ready to spawn they will usually start turning deep orange and black colored. They lay around 500-1500 eggs, which hatch after 2 days.

    Compatibility: They will be fine with smaller fish, but will eat fry-sized fish. I wouldn't keep them with celestial pearl danios, or other fish of that size. Neon tetra size or larger is fine.
    They will also do well with larger aggressive cichlids (in the right size tank), usually, but not in all cases.

    Difficulty: Very easy to keep.

    Water parameters: pH: Anywhere from 7.0-8.5 should be fine. Temperature: 68-82 Fahrenheit

    Notes: They can live up to nine years. They can emit sounds from their swim bladders. Males have more pointed anal and dorsal fins.
    They can be kept in large groups, but they do not need to be kept in them.
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  1. vernonRSA
    I have Rainbow cichlids kept with Convicts. Both are comfortable at cooler tempretures. Article is factually accurate.
    1. Anders247
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      Thank you! I have as well!
  2. Protim Sarkar
    Protim Sarkar
    Excellent Article !
    1. Anders247