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PetSmart: Behind the Fish Wall!

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He is saying the true about the petsmart.Not all petsmart are running the same way and has all the same knowledge employees about the animal including fish.This 5* is for article not for Petsmart chain store.They are just a bussiness and business is business that it all about.
I've been thinking about working in a Petsmart/Petco someday just to be able to make a difference in care or treatment of fish, and this really gave me a great insight into what goes on behind the scenes!

Thank you!
Fantastic information!! I have always had great service and product at the PetSmart near me
Great article. My local Pet Smart Store is excellent in service and the employees are always looking for ways to help you
I appreciate knowing from a person on the ground. I have purchased supplies but not fish. I think some sales associates are not as dedicated as this individual is. I have seen dead fish in sales tanks.
I didn’t even realize.
Finally, someone with a brain
This was really good to see from an actual employees POV. the picture also adds proof in my eyes!
I really appreciate this behind the scenes look. I have a different opinion after having read it.
I like PetSmart, I usually trust it. Sounds like you're one of the few employers there that actually get things right!
Love this...everything here I can attest to. Worked the fish department there for quite a few years:) Thanks for sharing.
Thank you for taking the risk to share this very important information to the community. I too work for a large retailer. Unfortunately, I could be terminated for sharing too much. It seems that other than the large size difference of the tank system it's not a lot different than our procedures. It's great to know that just like in my world of negative perceptions, which is probably way worse than Petsmart/Petco, there are some of us who care enough about the fish, the customers, and the company to make a difference!
Nice job! Thanks for caring and the store you work for is lucky to have you!
Thanks for the info. I have a PetSmart very near by and I've bought guppies and peppered cories from them. I know there are some people there that don't know much about the fish, but others do know quite a lot. But I have to say they do a great job of taking care of their fish at my local store.
Thank you for the information on PetSmart employees. I have heard some pretttyyy AWFUL advice being given to other fish buyers from PetSmart employees. I HAVE also heard some pretty awesome information come from employees but not often. Anyways, I'm glad to have read this. Maybe I should spend more time educating my local petsmart employees while i'm there lol :)

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