Mexican Dwarf Crayfish Care

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  1. UglyAsian
    The Mexican dwarf crayfish/crawdad/crawfish/etc is a small orange crayfish, with two species. The bigger one tops out at 2 inches. The recommended tank size is 5-10 gallons. They like a temperature of 68-77 °F (20-25 °C). They enjoy a PH of 6.5 to 8.0. They need a filter to keep good water quality and need a tight fitting lid as they are escape artists. They can live from 2 to 3 years. Mexican dwarf crayfish are omnivorous and eat vegetables, frozen foods, and sinking pellets. Breeding is relatively easy. All you need is a male and a female.
    List of things you need
    -10 or more galllon aquarium(37.8541 liters)
    -Multiple hiding spots
    -If in a colder area a heater
    -A tight fitting lid
    -Strong filter
    Gravel siphon
    Sinking pellets,veggies, other foods
    This is my first article! Thanks for reading!
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    Like it! I wish you could add some compatible tankmates to help out some people who want something to go with their dwarf Mexican crayfish.
    1. UglyAsian
      Author's Response
      Oh, I completely forgot! Sorry I will add something