Mexican Dwarf Crayfish Care

Mexican Dwarf Crayfish Care

The Mexican dwarf crayfish/crawdad/crawfish/etc is a small orange crayfish, with two species. The bigger one tops out at 2 inches. The recommended tank size is 5-10 gallons. They like a temperature of 68-77 °F (20-25 °C). They enjoy a PH of 6.5 to 8.0. They need a filter to keep good water quality and need a tight fitting lid as they are escape artists. They can live from 2 to 3 years. Mexican dwarf crayfish are omnivorous and eat vegetables, frozen foods, and sinking pellets. Breeding is relatively easy. All you need is a male and a female.
List of things you need
-10 or more galllon aquarium(37.8541 liters)
-Multiple hiding spots
-If in a colder area a heater
-A tight fitting lid
-Strong filter
Gravel siphon
Sinking pellets,veggies, other foods
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These crayfish molt, so having fish or inverts on the bottom of the tank that can be semi-aggressive or more aggressive is a bad idea. These little guys are peaceful, so can fare well i a community tank. No fish with long fins or are big enough to attack these crayfish. Fast fish like tetras, danios, or barbs are great. Make sure you also don't just let these crayfish pick up leftovers, as hey need calcium to molt. A good hiding space is very important for when they are molting
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This information is available on many other websites (as well as a lot more absolutely necessary info) and I don’t think the author really added their own knowledge, just stated an incomplete version of the bare-bones care requirements.
Nice article, that's a cool invertabrate. what do you think about these crayfish with angelfish?
Like it! I wish you could add some compatible tankmates to help out some people who want something to go with their dwarf Mexican crayfish.
Oh, I completely forgot! Sorry I will add something
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