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Marimo Moss Ball

Nice short caresheet. Really doesn't need much more since they're so easy to keep.
Great Article! Short and Concise. This article actually helped me with my Marimo Ball Placement!
The information is clear and concise. I have a few in all of my tanks but as other readers / posters have stated, I hadn't given them much thought. This write up just made the plant much more interesting to me. Kudos!
I have 3 large in my 5.5 gallon tank and never thought about this. I just finished doing a water change in my tank and I did just that without realizing why. I just thought they looked dirty and a little brown, but now that I know I will do it often. Thanks for the advice!
These act like a natural filter as well but do that best in smaller tanks. Fin fact: Largest moss ball on record was 200 years old and 37 inches in diameter.
Good to know. Thanks

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