Malaysian trumpet snails

Basic guidelines about MTS purpose, care, and breeding

  1. Aqua 59
    Malaysian trumpet snails, or MTS, are very useful aquarium scavengers. They sift through aquarium substrate eating fish waste, debris, and other organic matter. They do emerge from the substrate quite often, usually to take a breath of air from the surface, and then clamber back down into the substrate.
    Malaysian trumpet snails breed at an astonishing rate and are sometimes considered "pest snails" due to their shocking reproduction speed. They are also used as feeder snails for pea puffers, but pond snails are better for this purpose. Malaysian trumpet snails may be fed blanched vegetables, staple foods such as fish food or algae wafers, and thoroughly washed blanched greens.

    These snails prefer a PH of 7-8, and can survive in temperatures ranging from 65-85 degrees Fahrenheit. Warmer temperatures will increase the snails' breeding rate and activity.

    Malaysian trumpet snails grow to about an inch, usually, but sometimes grow larger. They have long, tapered, cone-shaped shells that are ideal for substrate-digging.

    Malaysian trumpet snails, by any other name, make great aquarium additions.

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  1. Discus-Tang
    The information is correct but somewhat limited. I would've liked to see a paragraph explaining how they breed (asexual & livebearing) & a little bit on different shell types.
  2. emmysjj
    Pretty short, I would've liked to see more info, especially on their breeding habits, and the pros and cons.