Littorella uniflora

Littorella uniflora

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Littorella uniflora is a small, green, rosette-forming, grass-like aquarium plant that grows wild along lake shores in Europe, North America, and South America.

These hardy little plants can be grown submerged, but will occasionally be found non-submersed. This plant is fairly easy to propagate, and sends out runners like saggitaria plants. These runners will grow new plants which can then be snipped off and replanted elsewhere in the tank.

Littorella uniflora plants prefer water temperatures of about 62-72 degrees Fahrenheit, and a PH of 6.0-7.0.

They will tolerate low light, but may grow very long leaves in an attempt to reach the light. To get the universally-known appearance of this plant, higher light is a must.

They do not require much C02 and will grow without it. These wonderful plants can be purchased at Josh's frogs, on eBay, or on Amazon.

Note: see the upcoming article "propagating aquarium plants". It will be posted later today. Thank you for reading!
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