Keeping a betta community (female)

Keeping a betta community (female) 2019-03-24

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How to successfully keep a female betta in a community

Many wish to keep a female betta in a community I have some tips to do so.

The first thing to do is to select non aggressive or antagonistic take mates. I keep my female betta with guppies, platies, ghost shrimp, neon tetras. I would not recommend keeping female bettas with neons, they aren't 100% temperature compatible. Which brings me to the next point.

Try to find fish that are compatible temperature wise with bettas. Bettas like 79-81 F water.

Feeding is probably the most difficult part of keeping a female betta in a community. Females are little pigs and seem to bloat quickly. How I solve this problem: I drop the food by the filter flow. My female Indah is a dumbo, she prefers to stay away from the filter, when the food comes down all the fish swim over and eat it. Indah can't get the food and so she is relegated to whatever is left at the end. I watch her and make sure she only eats a flake or two.

Aggression. Indah has never been aggressive. She does chase some of the fry out of her way, but it isn't like she is trying to kill them. She tolerates all of the fish in the tank. My other female, Miah, who I had a couple of summers ago, was a veiltail. She was not aggressive.

The tank. My betta community is a 20 gallon walstad inspired tank. It is heavily planted. I highly recommend heavily planting the tank, it helps provide hiding spaces, and provides a secure home for the fish.

In conclusion betta communities particularly female betta communities are very doable, if you chose the tank mates well. It also depends a lot on the female. Try to find on that does not appear to be vicious or extremely active when in the cup. If you do run into some problems you should have a back up situation prepared in case you have to remove the female from the community









Indah is a healthy betta. She is very happy, I can tell because she behaves like normal happy healthy bettas do. She eats normally, and is VERY active.

Sources: Personal experience.Two different betta communities. One a few summers ago, and one currently
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