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How to tell what pellets/food is best for your betta!

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How to tell what food to buy for your betta... Just by looking at the ingredients.

1: Look at the first few ingredients on the back. If the very first ingredient is a 'meal' food
e.g, Salmon Meal, then you can find better food out there for your betta.
NOTE: "Whole" and "meal" are NOT the same thing!

2: Is there a lot of plant-originated ingredients on the packet? If so, you can find better foods!
(Pea protein is fine!)
3: Is there a huge list of ingredients that seems to go on and on? Stick to the foods that have minimal artificial vitamins!

4: Is the "CRUDE PROTEIN" over 40%? Most of the time, this information is also on the back. If it's under 40%, consider a different option.

So what do you recommend?
This is what I have for my own bettas:
(NOTE! The food you get doesn't have to be labelled specifically for betta fish!)
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