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How To Tell Pygmy Gourami Species Apart

Trichopsis vittata/vittatus, "Croaking or Talking Gourami", 5-7cm or 2-2.75" long, light blue fins with red or brown spots, extended rays on the caudal and analfin, 3-5 dark brown or black stripes across the body, no iridescent blue spots along the body. Territorial during breeding.

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Trichopsis pumila/pumilus, "Sparkling or Pygmy Gourami", 4cm or 1.6" long, clear and dark red fins with black and light blue spots, iridescent blue across the body, no extended rays, one stripe across the body with a line of spots above it.


Trichopsis schalleri, "Threestripe or Mekong Croaking Gourami", 4-5cm or 1.6-2" long, brighter red fins than Sparkling Gourami with smaller black spots or none at all, less iridescence, 1 solid stripe across the body with a broken, but not spotted, stripe above it.


Overall, these fish are easily confused but can be told apart with experience. So next time you're in the market for sparkling, croaking or threestripe gouramis, make sure to check the species first!


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