How to teach your betta to JUMP for food!

How to teach your betta to JUMP for food!

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In this article, you will learn step by step, how to successfully teach your betta how to jump for food.

What you will need:

- Freeze-dried bloodworms OR frozen bloodworms
- If you have none of the above, pellets will do.


Before attempting to try this trick, it's imperative that your betta isn't stressed and is in a good physical condition. Your betta must also trust you to some extent in order for your betta to learn this trick.

Please also be aware of the fact that this trick is not guaranteed to work the very first time and requires repeated attempts on multiple occasions.



Identify the location of your betta in your aquarium.


Once you've identified where your betta is, bring out ONE bloodworm or ONE pellet and place it on your fish food cover.

(You ideally want to get a long bloodworm)



Open the entire lid of your tank.


Hold the bloodworm from the tip of your nail/finger and dangle it approximately 0.5 inches off the surface.If you have pellets, make it stick to your finger and do the same. You DO NOT want to hold the food too high if this is your first time.


By this point, your betta should have noticed and swam up to the surface. Continue to hold it there until your betta jumps.

**IF your betta swims away, try to dangle it again 2 more times. If he/she isn't interested, leave it and come back again later.


Continue to practice this trick with your betta, when time permits. Over time you should gradually increase the height of your finger over the surface. Your betta will learn to jump higher, but with time. This is also a good way to exercise your betta and keep him or her healthy.

The GIF below is my betta Achilles, doing the trick. I do not have footage of him jumping higher, but this is to help you understand what you're going for.


Just continue to practice this and build a bond with your betta.

Thank you.


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I taught my oscar to jump like this using pellets and mealworms.. was always fun. It was a little easier due to the pellets.being larger so I started by just holding in the water then each time I'd raise it a few mm till I could hold it above the tank.
Spot on!!
I did teach one of my females to eat off of my finger, and it was a lot of fun!!!!

Good article!
This works with other fish as well, I used to do this with my fahaka puffer... but I stopped because he was getting bigger and got so good at jumping that he came close to biting my finger off each time!
Wow. That's pretty cool! I always thought that other fish could jump as well, but I haven't seen much of it. Thanks for rating and letting me know.
This is the same method that I used for Acorn (SIP) and it works very well. He picked up on it after the first few tries. I started with my finger in the water and slowly worked it up higher though. Great job!
Thank you for rating! I'm glad it worked. Bettas are very fun fish and come with their own personalities!
  • Ouse
  • 5.00 star(s)
Cool. I’ll see if I can find the time to try this with my betta.
Thank you for rating Loaf! I hope it works.
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