How to make a Breeder Box for fry

DIY activities- Breeder Box.

  1. Protim Sarkar
    Making a breeder box in home for any type of fry is very easy. Also it is very cheap. Just follow this simple steps .

    Materials required :
    1) One transparent plastic jar ( minimum 3 litres).

    2) A soldering rod.

    3) Two suction cups with back holder.

    Fig: Jar, suction cup & soldering rod

    1) Grab a plastic jar with a capacity of 3 litres. Wash it with normal water but not with soap.
    2) Use a soldering rod to make pores by applying heat through them. Only create pores on the front side of the jar. Make the pores small so that they can’t escape.

    Fig: Small Pores

    3) After that, make 2 loop holes on the back side for the suction cups by using the same rod.

    Fig: The Two Loop Holes

    4) Fit the suction cups into the loop holes.
    Fig: Fitting of the suction cups.

    5) Finally hang the breeder box on the aquarium wall and put the fry into it.

    The jar will protect the fry from the adult fish. But make sure it is for temporary use. After the fry becomes older move them into the main tank.
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Recent Reviews

  1. King o´ Angelfish
    King o´ Angelfish
    Nice! An alternative to the suction cups, if someone does not have those, you could simply clamp that onto the side of the tank! Im gonna try this!
    1. Protim Sarkar
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review ! I appreciate that !☺️
  2. Cheesearmada
    Best and most effective way to keep the fry safe and keep costs down.
    1. Protim Sarkar
  3. Zerologist
    Nice one...
    1. Protim Sarkar
  4. Anders247