How to grade your flowerhorn

How to grade your flowerhorn

Hello! I’m going to show you guys how you can grade your flowerhorn!
Here is a reference image so you know what I’m referring to.
Head/hump: kok
Black marking: flowers


What is grading a flowerhorn?:
Grading a flowerhorn is they way to tell the quality of your flowerhorn. The grades are AAA, AA, A, B and C going from highest to lowest. This is more “for fun” because the grade does not affect the health of your flowerhorn it just affects the way it looks.

The darker and straighter your flowerhorns flowers are the better but this isn’t the only thing that goes into grading. Take the reference picture for example the flowers are broken up in the middle and not very straight causing the grade to go down

The pearls of a flowerhorn are the shiny specs of most flowerhorns most commonly seen in kamfa and red dragon flowerhorns but others have this as well. The shinier it is the more it brings the grade of your flowerhorn up.

The kok of the flowerhorn is what they are known for and plays a big role in the grading of one. There are three types of Kok’s the water kok which is bigger like a small ball, the hard kok which is what most females have where it is a slight bulge but nothing special and then the semi kok which is a bigger than the hard kok but not as big as the water kok. They bigger of each the higher the grade increases.

The colors of a flowerhorn also are a big role in what the grade of your flowerhorn is. The more dull your flowerhorns colors are the the lower the grade it is. For example if you had a red dragon flowerhorn that was more of a washed out pink then a deep red it impacts the grade a lot. Same thing with other types of flowerhorns.

how can I increase the grade of my flowerhorn?:
Unfortunately not much can change the flowerhorns grade. Some things that can would feeding color enhancing foods like krill or pellets made for flowerhorns colors. Also water quality is a helping factor of your flowerhorns colors. Keeping up with water changes and temp matching is the best way to help your flowerhorn stay stress free and therefore not lose any color or kok size. But the biggest thing is it’s bloodline. When selecting a flowerhorn and you know you want a big one with a big kok then ask if you can see it’s parents.

thank you for reading!


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