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How to get your fish to be more comfortable with you inside and outside the tank.

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Hello here are ways to get your fish more comfortable with you inside and outside the tank.

Step one:
Remember to take things slow. That’s the most important thing here. But some fish are different some will be comfortable in a week and some in a month

step two:
Pull up a chair a few feet away from your tank and just sit there. The longer you sit the more comfortable they will be infront of you. You can observe their behavior or just play games on your phone whatever works best for you. And do this for 2-3 days or until you feel your ready to move on.

step three:
While still doing the chair method they have gotten somewhat used to you being in their presence. So now every time you walk into the room to sit down put a little food in there and then do that as your leaving as well. And do this until they seem a little more comfortable.

step four:
After doing step three for a few days or however long it takes them to not dart away when you walk in do light maintenance on the tank to get them used to your hand. Like adjusting the filter or wiping the glass. And do this for a few days or until they don’t flee when you adjust something in the tank.

step five:
Now slowly move into deep cleaning like vacuuming the substrate or cleaning the decor. This could take a while because of all the moving objects but eventually they will get used to it. And it’s completely normal for them to not be 100% trusting in you no matter how long you’ve had them but after this method they should be more trusting of you walking by the tank and doing tank maintenance.

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