How to do 100% Water Changes

How to do 100% Water Changes

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100% water changes can be painful, but I hope to offer some tips and tricks on how to make it easier!

*Only do 100% water changes if you have something wrong with your gravel, there's an infectious disease, or some other good reason. You do not need to do 100% changes every week.*

1: Fill up a FISH SAFE container with tank water. A bucket works as long as you have multiple buckets :p

2: Transfer your fish into it. You can put a air pump or keep your filter running in here. Or heater.

3. Unplug your filter and heater and set them aside (of you have a HOB or a filter that won't require a million hours of hard work to set back up).

4. Transfer your filter media to a different container of tank water. If you are running your filter in the fish container then ignore this step.

5. Take out your decor and set it aside. If you have live plants you can take them out or put them with our fish.

6. Drain your tank *Insert me breaking my back because I'm too cheap to buy a python*.

7. If you are changing your substrate, do it now. I like to hold my tank over a trash can, but I have small tanks. If you have a large tank, I'd use a scoop if you are changing substrate. But I just dump it.

8. Wash the inside and outside of your tank with warm water. Scrub off all that algae and gunk that you've been dying to Clorox wipe for weeks. Doesn't it feel good?

9. Put new substrate in, if you like. Put in your decor too.

10. Fill up your tank halfway. Add in your plants.

11. Fill er' up!

12. Hook up your filter and heater and plug it it.

13. Acclimate your fish like you just brought them home, just in case.

14. Enjoy!

If I made any mistakes or left out anything, let me know :) Hope you enjoyed!
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Good! I always do complete water changes when rearranging a smaller tank, and this is usually how I do it. I didn't see anything wrong, good article!
Thank you so much!!
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