How to Clean an Old Nano Tank

How to Clean an Old Nano Tank

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The reason this guide is specifies nano tanks is because it relies on your ability to pick up and manoeuvre the tank. This guide applies to any tank of any size provided you can do this.

What you will need:
- Bleach (I use Tesco brand lemon thick bleach)
- Microfibre cloths
- Glass cleaning solution (EG. Windex)
- White vinegar
- Clean, empty spray bottle
- Razor blade or algae scraper
- Rubber gloves

Note; the easiest location for this method is outside with access to a hose pipe

Stage 1; Removing general dirt and disinfecting
- Using a hose pipe or shower head, remove as much of the surface dirt as possible.
- Pour bleach into the tank, then fill with warm water. I don't believe measurants are important but if you are more comfortable with them use one part bleach to ten parts water.
- Put on your gloves to protect your hands from the bleach. Bleach is an irritant and so having your bare hands in it can lead to dry skin and itching.
- Take a microfiber cloth and scrub the inside of the tank while it is full of the bleach/water solution.
- Leave the tank to sit for 40 minutes
- Scrub with your microfiber cloth again to remove any of the more stubborn dirt.
- Clean the outside of the tank with your microfiber cloth soaked in bleach/water solution
- Pour out the bleach/water solution. While your tank is tipped over, clean the bottom with your microfiber cloth.
- Rinse the tank with hose pipe or shower head thoroughly, multiple times. You will know you have rinse the tank enough when you can no longer smell bleach when you stick your head inside.

Stage 2; Removing hard water stains
- In your spray bottle mix 50/50 white vinegar and warm water.
- Spray your vinegar/water solution generously over the hard water stains.
- Leave to sit for 10 to 20 minutes
- Take a microfiber cloth and scrub off the stains.
- Some stains may be more tricky; for these take your razor blade or algae scraper and barely scrape off stubborn residue.
- Rinse again, repeating the smell test to ensure you have rinsed thoroughly enough.
- Leave to air dry

Stage 3; Finishing touches
- Take a clean microfiber cloth and spray your glass cleaner directly onto it, away from your tank. Do not spray in the vicinity of your tank. The chemicals in the glass cleaner are extremely toxic to your tank.
- Wipe the outside of your tank for clear happy viewing. Do not put the cloth anywhere near the inside of your tank.
- Wipe down any lid the tank may have with a damp cloth. Use a bleach/water solution if it is particularly dirty. Ensure you rinse thoroughly if you do.

And now your tank is ready to be set up for your water pets.


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