How to clean a used aquarium

How to clean a used aquarium

If you ever buy a used aquarium, here is what usually works very well for me.

The first thing I do after buying a used aquarium is inspect the seam for leaks. Then give it a good scrub with just a soft sponge/paper towel/wash cloth.

The next step is to wipe it down dry.

After that, I usually do a vinegar scrub.

Dry that off afterwards

Next, do a saltwater scrub.

Dry it off once more.

After all of this is done, rinse the tank thoroughly.

You should then proceed to let it air dry.

There you go! Your tank is clean and ready for you and your fish to enjoy!


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A basic explanation, Would of liked to see a bit more detail and for it to be structured better.
I could see an article like this being useful, but there's no information as to how you actually do these things. That leaves the reader to have to do significant research on their own, which in my opinion primarily defeats the purpose of an article. To me this looks more like an outline, if you were to go into detail on how to check for leaks, how to do a vintager scrub, how long to wait between soaks, exc. I believe this would then be a valuable article.
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