How to Acclimate

This is how I acclimate and how I suggest doing so

  1. Protim Sarkar
    Protim Sarkar
    Excellent Article ! I loved it ! :)
  2. Fanatic
    Thanks! I acclimate exactly like this, and it will be really helpful to let everyone know about this, although some may have their own opinions. Nonetheless, it is a good article!
    1. Platylover
      Author's Response
      I’m sure others will have differing opinions(just like I do when I read how others acclimate sometimes lol), and that’s fine, but that’s the reason I put “this is what I do” or “this is what I suggest.” And for me this is more of a way to make things easier and help others. This way when I’m asked how to acclimate I can just link this thread and cut down on response time. Makes it significantly easier! And others can find this information whenever they need to as well. Easier all around. Thanks for the review!