GloFish: The Ill Effects

The truth behind the infamous GloFish.

  1. Katie13
    I’m sure we’ve all seen the infamous “GloFish” by now, but what really causes that neon color? The original GloFish were injected with a neon colored dye to give them that coloration, but ONLY where the dye was injected. Most fish do not survive the injecting process. These days, most GloFish have been modified to now carry a gene that gives them their coloration that is passed on through their generations. Unlike the dyed fish, these GloFish are completely neon. The infamous color has a steep price though. It shortens the fish’s life span, makes them more prone to illness, and makes them more likely to succumb to stress. Is their color really worth that?

    Dyed GloFish
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    Gene Carrying GloFish

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  1. Culprit
    Informative. I would like to see some sources cited where I can see this for myself. Good interesting read for sure.