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Freshwater Shrimp Keeping

It's great!
Great info, will consider adding shrimp to my fw tank.
I enjoyed reading the article. It is very informative for a beginning aquarist who wants to add a little variety in there tank.
Well put together 10/10
Excellent resource lots of great information
thanks list of treatments is helpful
This was a great post. I learned alot. Thanks for taking time to inform us. :)
I learned quite a bit. This is a great resource, will be coming back soon!
thanks for this article but it needs pic and photos to support it
This article was very informational and helped me to figure out which shrimp I should start with.
I have learned so much from this article on Shrimp. Thank you.
Very interesting and informative. Thanks for taking the time to put this together!
Great info, especially with the meds. Thanks so much for taking the time!
Great, Concise Info. Thanks
Alot of great info.
Super helpful. There are lots of good facts in here i didn't know about ky ghost shrimp
Good info -- additional sources listed -- admits purpose and limitations -- advises further research -- sites to purchase materials -- overall a complete article
Thanks for the information. This has helped give me the confidence to get some RCS.
Great information, thanks!
I have been loving the shrimp added recently to my community tank, just happen to be ghost and cherry! I actually gave away a couple of fish to have more room for inverts :P

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