Crayfish Care

Crayfish Care

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Crayfish, with a notoriously bad reputation of eating fish and escaping tanks, are incredibly over-hated. Yes, they do all of the aforementioned, only because they are self-sufficient and strong. However, these crustaceans can be fun to keep if you keep them properly. Today I will introduce some things about keeping these awesome animals.
1. Tank Size.
Crays should be kept in 5+ gallons, depending on the amount of crays and the species. You need good filtration to keep them due to their high waste output.
2. Tankmates
Most crays are relatively aggressive and should be mainly kept in species tanks. However, the Marbled Cray, for one, is herbivorous and is less aggressive but will hunt out small fish if they stray into its grasp. Large fish like cichlids should be avoided because they will devour crays.
3. Cover
If there is more than one cray/anything in the tank, there should be a lot of cover. With multiple crays, cover is needed to protect molting crays from being eaten while they have a soft shell. With other fish, the cover is to protect the fish.
Thanks for reading, and I hope this helped!


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