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Thank you for the information.
I have a pair of Cories in a 5 gal tank by themselves. I didn't know they eat their eggs.
Corydoras like a very protein specific diet although they are omnivores
The information is too generalised. It is correct for just some corydoras species, for example peppered cories will not thrive in the higher temperatures that you listed

It also could've been a lot more detailed.

Overall, I think it could be a great article if you focused on one cory species; looking at the info, I believe it's applicable to panda cories.
While you do provide accurate basic info, there can be some very different variation within species refering to chemistry and temps. There are even corydoras that i wouldn't sell a beginner due to a more finicky nature. Over all though, a good introduction to the beginner corydoras keeper.

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