Breeding Bettas - What's Worked for Me

This is how I do it!

  1. Bighead
    I had just read an article and there is some new information in this.
  2. Fanatic
    Perfect! Everything I need to know!
  3. DutchAquarium
    I believe this article should dive into what to look for when breeding a betta. Such as how to avoid poor genetics. Also you shouldn't leave a female betta alone unattended for over a hour.
    1. lilabug4545
      Author's Response
      Thank you for reviewing! Yes, I did not focus on the genetic portion (I hope to do that later, but I need to do a bit of research into the types I don't focus on). I do say to leave the female in the jar for the time she is unattended and to check on the pair at least once an hour.