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Breeding Bettas - What's Worked for Me

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***Some fish are different, and this won't work for everybody. This does not include the conditioning of the parents or fry care. No products are linked through this by me, I might add some later.***

You'll want a ten gallon tank, filled about 1/4-1/2 of the way with clean water.
Put in a sponge filter so that the flow is not going to bother most of the tank.
Use two of the fifty watt heaters (preset or adjustable is fine) and put them on opposite end of the tank.
Get about two golf balls worth of java moss and a small out-of-water plant (I recommend a pothos cutting)
Get a couple of deli cups and a tall jar from Michael's.
Acclimate the male and female to the tank in the deli cups, letting them see each other.
While they are acclimating, clean out the tall jar, and once you're done, add a couple drops of dechlorinator and one drop of Super Ick Cure (it's malachite green diluted with StressCoat+) per gallon as an anti-fungal for the eggs.
Let the female out into the tank first, while you fiddle with the jar, making sure that the water level is that level with the tank.
Once you do, net the female into the jar and let the male out of the deli cup into the main tank.
After a couple of days, once the male has started building a bubblenest, let the female out each day for about four hours (I do it as soon as I get home) and check on them at least once an hour.
It is unlikely that they will spawn on the first day, but when they do spawn, don't net the female back in until they have stopped spawning. The female will go comatose, but I promise that the male hasn't killed her.
Eggs will fall out of her, and the male will pick them up and put them in the bubblenest. In my experience, the female will also help, but sometimes she will eat the infertile eggs.
After a couple hours, she will have released all of the eggs that she has.
The male will try to keep the female away from the eggs. Once you see this occurring, take the female out and put her into her normal tank. Feed her a high-protein diet for the next week.
Feed the male food that's larger than the eggs (freeze-dried bloodworms work really well ime).
You should have some babies in 24-48 hours!
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