Bleach Dip For Aquarium Plants

Bleach Dip For Aquarium Plants

Hi there! This article is about how to bleach dip new plants for your aquarium. This dip is the way I use to ensure that I am not introducing any algae or hitchhikers to my tanks. These are my personal notes and procedure. Please remember that what works for me may not work for you.

  • Dip times:
    • Mosses, crypts, and plants with delicate or thin leaves or more sensitive stem plants like carpeting plants (<70 secs)
    • Most stem plants and average plants like Rotala and Bucephalandra species (<90 secs)
    • Tough plants such as Anubias and Java Fern (<110 secs)
  • 1:20 bleach to water ratio
    • This ratio is for 5% bleach
  • Use 5% unscented bleach
  • Have a bin of dechlorinated water ready with at least 2x normal dechlorinator in it
  • Wear gloves to protect against the bleach
  • I wash my plants upsidedown so that the water can cover more of the plant
  • This dip does NOT need to be done on tissue cultures

  • Bleach can cause skin damage, be sure to wear gloves
  • This method is what works for me, but this could result in dead plants
  • I usually do less than the times above to be on the safe side
  • You can always bleach more, you can't bleach less
  • Some people are allergic to bleach, do not do this if you are allergic
  • You may feel itchy legs when you do this (at least I do for some reason)

  1. Remove any visible pests, cut any melting or algae ridden leaves, and remove rockwool and other potting supplies or weights
  2. Remove excess debris
    • For tough plants, submerge and shake
    • For delicate plants rinse under running water
  3. Make the bleach dip and set up the dechlorinated bath
  4. Dip (See above for times)
  5. Rinse plants
    • First rinse under running water for 1 minute to make sure all bleach is off, be sure to get leaves too
    • Put in the dechlorinated bath and let soak for at least 5 minutes
    • The plants are ready for the aquarium when they no longer smell of bleach (if needed repeat a and b until c is achieved)
  6. Done! Time to celebrate and add them to the tank.

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Sounds and looks professional! Will be keeping this article in mind when the time comes for me to buy plants. I like the notes and warnings.
What plants are you looking to buy? Thanks for the nice comments!
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Very clear directions and tips!
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