Bladder snails

Bladder snails

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Bladder snails are also called Pond snails or Tadpole snails, and are common inhabitants of ponds and lakes.

Pond snails have mottled brownish-gold markings on their shells, and the flesh can be either pale-tan to blackish.

These snails are relatively small and only grow to a maximum size of about one to one and a half centimeters in length. They have thin shells, making them great feeder snails for pea puffers.

Pond snails feed on organic matter such as dead plants, dead fishes, fish waste, algae, and bio film. They may also be fed blanched greens and vegetables. Pond snails are not picky about water conditions, but like most snails, they will breed faster in warm temperatures.

They breed notoriously fast, and may overrun tanks unless careful steps are taken to keep the population in check.

Pond snails lay transparent egg clutches on aquarium surfaces such as rocks, plants, decorations, substrate, tank walls, and even other snails.

Each egg clutch may contain almost one hundred baby snails, and adult snails may lay a few egg clutches a day.

Overall, it takes careful planning to avoid unwanted snail populations, but they can be very useful.
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