Bettas With Diamond Eye

Bettas With Diamond Eye

*This was a post I made earlier this year, but I'm trying out this resource thingy.

Hey everyone, I figured I might try my hand at writing an article. Hopefully this will be helpful, any feedback would be great!
Diamond eye, snake eye, or dragon eye

These are all the same thing. Diamond eye is where the scales begin to grow and cover the eye. It's most common in dragon scales, but can happen in regular bettas as well. Usually it's breed in since the breeders are trying to get the perfect, full mask. Sometimes it's slow and will never fully cover the eye or other times it's quick and they are fully blind. There unfortunately is no cure for it, but there are a few things you can do to help them.

Banana leaves
The tannin's of the banana leaves will thin the scales, which in turn, thins the scales over the eyes. The problem with this though, is that all the scales and fins thin. The dragon iridescence also thins, removing some of the "dragon scales" and may begin to show the coloration "under" the iridescence. I'd recommend making sure that you have nothing sharp in the tank since the fins will be thinner, making their delicate fins even more open to snags. To use banana leaves, you use them exactly the same as almond leaves.

Make a permanent home
If you were blind, would you want your surroundings to keep changing every few months/weeks? That's why once you realize your betta is going blind, try and make his home how you want it and keep it that way. If you do do changes, do it slowly and over time. It'll make it much easier for him to move around without bumping into everything. Live plants are great for multiple reasons, they help with water quality, give them places to rest, and if they do bump into it, they are less likely to be injured.

Train your betta to respond to certain cues
Feeding a betta can become a little bit more difficult when they are blind. That's the reason many will train their betta to go to the top with a light tap on the glass or even make a ring at the top where they put the food in(and the betta goes to it at the smell of food/tap).

There are three names for this condition: dragon eye, snake eye, and diamond eye. Some breeders will sell these as "rare" and charge extra, when they really should be adopting them out. This is a disability. These bettas should not be sold or bred. Even if they have perfect forum it is irresponsible to breed this disability into another line of bettas. Please do not breed or buy these bettas.

If anyone has any tips for this post, it would be greatly appreciated! If anyone has any photos of diamond eye that they would allow to be put in this post, that would also be greatly appreciated! You will be given credit for it.
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  • slinger
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I realize this is an older post and I am the late comer. I never even heard of this condition,,, thanks. I will be keeping a close eye on all 7 of my Better. My best Betta and the only one I have ever had who has a friendly/community temperament is a Dragonscale named Balistar. Thanks again.
Why would anyone want to get a dragon scaled Betta? (Not judging just wondering) How are they different that other bettas?
Well, they’re beautiful. Particularly the higher end ones have such beautiful, thick, one color scales across their body. And then they have a pop of color with their tails typically. The difference between them and typical bettas is the fact that they have a color layer over the iridescent layer. See bettas have 4 different genetic color layers and most bettas do not have the colour above the iridescence. This being said dragon scale bettas often he tmixed with metallic bettas, and this thread also is meant for the metallic bettas.
why do banana leaves work?
It’s the tannins in the bananleaves, I added that into the resource now. Thank you for the review!
So informative. Thank you!
  • teko116
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Good info, never heard of this condition before. Would love to see it fleshed out more, thanks for the article :)
Thanks for the review! Yes, I think I'll try and make it a little fuller at some point and add some pics(unfortunately my new guy ended up having this, didn't realize it at times purchase:(), Just isn't to much info on it and its a bit scattered around, but since my guy unfortunately has it ill hopefully be able tolerant bit more first hand and add more to this article!
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