Betta "toys"

Betta "toys"

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I'm sure we have all heard that bettas don't play. That's true, but bettas are a lot more emotional than people tend to know.

When bettas live alone in the same tank, with nothing new for long periods of time, it can often bore them. Now, I'm not saying you should go buy some tank mates or anything, but I would suggest you try switching things up a bit every now and then.

Changing up the whole setup is very stressful for bettas, so just try adding something like a new rock or decor item. Example being a betta leaf bed, moss balls, or one of those cute little smooth spongebob toys, you can find at Petco for roughly $5.00. Bettas are very curious, so they will most likely pay attention to any new thing for a couple of weeks!

People often wonder why bettas nip at creatures like frogs or snails. Not bullying really, but just nipping. This is most likely a result of boredom in bettas. They really do enjoy "playing". For my males, I either give them some mosquito larvae to chase, or bubble wrap, so they can focus on a bubble nest. For my females, I give them a ping pong ball, or switch out their caves. One of my girls loves to hang out in a broken egg cave that I used for my geckos. Another loves to flip up onto the pothos leaves that poke out of the water, and chill for a few seconds.

Another thing I use to keep my males and females stimulated is a zoo med floating betta mirror. Many I encounter state that betta mirrors are dangerous and "bad" for your betta. In this matter, I will have to disagree completely. When I first bought one, I instantly fell in love with the science behind them! Did you know that a mirror can make your betta happier? This I did not know, so I dove right into some research articles. When you place a mirror in their tank, then they commonly instantly go into fight mode. They start showing off, and after about 5 minutes, they start to attack. That's when you should remove the mirror to prevent damage or frustration. The moment the mirror is removed, you betta will think they have won a fight with a rival male/female. This can bring up their confidence, and initially make them excited! I love these mirrors especially due to their floating bob, allowing a betta nip to be ineffective, and their long lasting structure. I would definitely suggest this as a good investment of around $7.00!

Be careful when using toys like floating ping pong balls, zoo med mirror, or homemade hoops, since they might damage a males bubble nest. Check that your fish has a bubble nest, if so, be careful with toys or arrangements, since a messed up bubble nest can cause emotional damage to male bettas.

Another couple favorites of mine are betta sinking ceramic logs, or floating logs, since they are smooth, and provide great shelter for your little friend. The mermaid-holding-a-ring suction cup decor is also super fun, since your betta can swim through it. Ping pong balls -I forgot to mention- are also great, since your betta can push it around.

I bought another zoomed toy out of curiosity. It's a cute little mermaid holding a ring. I put it in my pet female betta's tank; she was instantly swimming through the ring, and nipping at it. It suction cups to the glass, which is its only flaw. It kept falling due to the heavy weight of the mermaid, but still not too bad for roughly $5.99!

My last, and honestly my personal favorite is a laser pointer! Did I mention that bettas are very smart? That is what gives them this original sense of "boredom". To put a smile on your face, I added a link to a betta chasing a laser pointer!

Bettas are wonderful little tropical fish, and are -in my opinion- great pets. I like to call them the "macaw" of the common chain pets.

So, the next time you get bored of watching your betta swim in circles, try "playing"!

Betta chasing laser pointer!

Zoomed Betta Toys:
Based on my experience, they seem very devoted towards keeping bettas' happy and safe. All the toys and fake plants I have purchased from them are smooth and fun!
My purchased Zoomed items, and my reviews:
-Suction mermaid holding a ring: 2 1/2 rating
-Floating betta exercise mirror: 4 1/2 rating
-Leafy plant: 5 rating
-Betta leaf bed: 5 rating
-Sinking log: 5 rating
Great products indeed, and found in almost every pet store!


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Excellent advice and information!

I had been wondering what to do about my poor, sad, depressed Betta.

Everyone kept telling me he was dying - but I knew differently because he was still super active at feeding time. Nothing amiss - just seemed super lazy. Thought maybe it was his personality.

Rescaped his home (aggressively I must say, but he adjusted quickly) and started using this little laser trick ~

HE IS SO ACTIVE NOW --- and his bubble nest is HUGE. How very helpful. There needs to be more information out in the general market about how to PrOpErLy care for these incredibly interesting fish.
So glad it worked out!!
I never really considered betta toys if I ever got a betta again, but you changed my mind! Thank You for clarifying the mirror toy-as you said, there is a lot of controversy around it. Very informative and persuasive on the benefits of betta toys, great work!
So glad I can make a difference!
Very good and entertaining! :)
Amazing read! Thank you!
The second I saw you're an article contributor, I came to check it out! Very informative :3
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exactly the type of article I've been looking for
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