Betta - Tips of Keeping by Prism

Betta - Tips of Keeping by Prism

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This care sheet, will be all about bettas. I will be doing a lot of information, and facts. I am making this for others, that are wondering about the care of bettas. Bettas are one of the top ten most popular fish to be kept. They're easy, they're fun, and very pretty. I have a betta myself named prism, he lives in a 5g, he is a long tail. His fins are transparent, yellowish, with a blue body. Multiple colors, but his colors are changing every few weeks. Bettas colors will change often, so if your taking a stroll in your pictures, and notice the day you got your betta, and while looking at the tank, your betta looks different? Thats totally natural. Don't go screaming around your room freaking out about it, if you do not know why your betta is changing color. Most people know that bettas change color, but this thread is mostly created for beginners knowledge of bettas. That is your first fact, of this article. There will be more, I have noticed that lots of people ask about tankmates? Tankmates with bettas are quite limited, my top suggestions are these.

Ghost Shrimp, Shrimp, Snails.

I would recommend only those three, but there can be more. Its mostly depending on your bettas aggression. Bettas can live happily with other tankmates, and some bettas the tankmates will get on the bettas nerves. My betta hates tankmates, and is aggressive. I had one snail once, but he was fine, the snail died due to my water hardness, I would not recommend corydora with bettas, corydora seem to swim up to the middle of the tank, and keep swimming and may get on your bettas nerves. Some people keep bettas with fish, and they do perfectly fine, I'm not saying you cannot keep them with fish, but I would recommend not, because your betta could be aggressive towards the fish, and not go well. This is the second fact, third fact is on its way.

Are you wondering about the most recommended temperature? Most people just search it up online, I agree thats easy. What I recommend for you guys is the temperature of 79F˚. I think thats a really stable temperature for my bettas habitat. My heater keeps it at 78, but the filter, and light warms it up to 79. This is one of the easiest facts listed on this article, but I just want to share this information. This is the end of this fact, short, and easy. But there is harder coming up.

I think the hardest, and pickiest things with bettas, is the filter? You may not know why, but types of filters, could push your betta, some may not. In my tank, I have a sponge filter, its a little more advanced then a plain sponge filter, so I'm going to call it sponge filter 2.0. It allows you to set the flow of it, and I think its very good. My betta doesn't really get pushed by it, some filters will push bettas and that could put you into a bad situation. I had a filter that pushed my betta, but I bought a new one, and cycled it. While I was cycling it, I had my betta in a quarantine. I cycled it, and now hes living so well. With my old filter, my betta got fin tearing, and it was really bad. But now its better, and hes all good. He loves his environment now, and thriving by this minute. Make sure your filter that you pick out has a good GPH, and flow. You can fix the power of flow, by making a baffle sponge, or out of anything you can think of that will block the flow, for my baffles I use a water bottle, and cut it to where it will fit the spout. This is the end of fact four, fact five on its way!

There is not more things that you need to know about bettas, but I am telling you this, all bettas will have a spot they love to rest, hangout, or sleep. My betta either does it on his heater, or on his moss ball. I deeply recommend getting some marmio moss balls, for your betta. You might see at your store Betta Buddies, but those are just mini marmio moss balls. I have 1 betta buddy, and the rest I put in my 20g, my betta loves his moss ball, he rests on it, and sometimes sleeps on it. He loves to just lay his fins on it, and just hangout on it, there is not more to this fact, but one thing. The temperature range of moss balls, they like to live in temperatures of 60-80F˚, thats the top recommendation for their temperature. They're doable with bettas, bettas love them. This is the end of fact five, fact six coming up!

Diet, and how to feed? Prettiest the most easy thing with care, I feed my betta Omega One, blood worms, and flakes. To get specific this is the name of them. ( Omega One - Betta Buffet Flakes ) & ( Omega One Betta Treat Bloodworms ). He loves them, I just feed him twice a day, morning and night, I feed mine 1 flake, and 1 bloodworm, since he has a little minor fin ripping, so I'm giving him extra protein for that. I would recommend doing pellets, by omega one, because they're more controllable with how much you feed. Flakes can be all sizes, this is the easiest fact on this article, but most important to keep your fish alive. If you are going on vacation, a healthy fish could fast for a week, but still it would be better to feed him, I went on vacation for 10 days, and I told my keeper to feed him 7 days, and fast for 3. This is the end of fact six, fact seven on its way!

Hm..? You may be thinking what else have I not told you? I haven't mentioned a thing about cleaning your tank, for a healthy weekly basis, I would recommend doing a 25% cleaning for your tank, I have a 5g, thats what I do every week. But you may have to maybe make that smaller, or larger, depending on the size you are wanting or have. I simply just remove water with my gravel vacuum, maybe every few cleanings I will do a gravel vacuum, I just remove the water on one cleaning, and add it back, and the next cleaning I do a gravel vacuum. This is a pretty simple chore, you just have to stay on top of it, or your tank will build up nitrates, and ammonia and will not go well with the health of your fish, and tank. I use a simple bucket to drain the water in, and thats mostly all! Just keep it away from your betta, or he could get sucked up, and badly injured. This is the end of fact seven, and this is the end of this article. But I am including a bonus, of tips of things you HAVE to have to have a good running tank.

Tips? These are some things you have to have to maintain your fish tank easily, and well. You need good filtration, get a filter, you can not have a healthy tank with out a filter, so a filter is the top recommended thing here. Get a heater, you should get a heater to keep your fish tank at the right temperatures. Last but not least, you need to cycle your aquarium before adding your fish, you can do a fish-in-cycle, but I have not took that risk, nor tried it. I think the fishless-cycle, is way easier. This concludes the article today, goodluck with your bettas!

- Prism
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Useful Information, but rather unpolished. All the advice is sound, but there's no explanation of why you should or shouldn't do something. Might be confusing for beginners. I agree with all this advice though - certainly good for someone who knows fish but hasn't kept bettas. Would like to stress the importance of plants - bettas really like places to hide, whenever possible, and plants help clean the water as well. Best of both worlds!
Informative and efficient
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I just bought my first betta, i found this article helpful.
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