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Betta hipposideros

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Betta hipposideros is native to South East Asia, more specifically, Malaysia. The native range of Betta hipposideros can extend southwards to the Riau Archipelago. They typically inhabit peat swamps and blackwater streams.

Length: 3.1 inches (7.8 centimeters)

Diet: small insects or frozen food; can accept flakes.

Minimum tank size: 10 gallons (37 liters) for one, 20 gallons (75 liters) for a pair.

Temperament: Best kept alone or with very peaceful fish.

Temperature: 71-78 degrees Fahrenheit (22-26 degrees Celsius).

Parameters: PH of 3.5-3.7 (5 can work too), hardness of 0-90 ppm.

Additional facts:

  • Male B. hipposideros are typically more colorful, have longer fins, and a broader head shape than females.
  • B. hipposideros are paternal mouth-brooders.
  • This species is a part of the B. waseri complex.
  • This species is endangered.


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I get to learn about another type of Betta! It has all of the basic information and care requirements and some other interesting facts about the B. hipposideros. I didn't even know about this species of Betta, but now I am well informed about it!
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